FSU Softball Weekly Update 4: Noles Take Their Lumps

We've returned to earth a bit. Over the weekend the Noles went 2-3 in Hawaii, with one more game to play against the Rainbow Wahine before FSU returns to the Lower 48 and the friendly confines of JoAnne Graf Field on March 10. The Noles managed two victories over UCSB (5-1, 13-4), but dropped games to Radford (3-2), and Hawaii (2-1, 1-0). They are 17-3 overall in 2012 and play Hawaii again today Tuesday at 11pm EST.

Personal notes after the jump >>>------|>

My thoughts are limited again this week to basically what I can glean from the FSU Softball Twitter play by play and recaps / stats. Also a big shout out to @csbailey34 who is stationed in Hawaii with his family and went out to support our Noles!

A) Hawaii in the role of Will Smith. FSU in the role of the alien. Will Smith, "Welcome to earth." ::fist to the face::

2) I've seen this time and time again over the years. The Noles pitching held up under the pressure of Top 25 competition. The Noles bats did not. Monica Perry struck out 20 batters over two games and gave up exactly 0 earned runs in two games. Waldrop, Nori and Schinella also pitched very well.

Dinich) Over the 3 losses, FSU totalled only 14 people on base.

IV) On the bright side, the Noles exploded for 18 runs in two victories and continued to hang tough when they are behind early. The Noles were down 4-1 to UCSB early, but came back strong to win in mercy-rule fashion, 13-4.

Bananas) Maddie O'Brien's bat woke up for 6 RBI in that 13-4 win. That trend needs to continue to help out the Noles offense against tough opponents.

All of that aside, I'm really not too down about the past weekend. I hope the Noles can pull one out against the Rainbow Wahine tonight. I was hopeful for a split of the two scheduled games (tournament play couldn't be counted on). If the Noles can win tonight, they achieve that goal and I'll be happy to write off Radford as one of those "any given day" kind of things.

What I think will be very interesting tonight is our strategy against Hawaii. In the two losses, FSU struck out 20 times (45%). If we're not bunting / playing small ball, I think we should be in game 3. We've got lots of speed to burn on the team. Well placed bunts and steals should get us to 2-3 runs, which should be enough. Toss in a Leonard or Hamilton HR and we might have a solid victory over the Wahine.

Of course I'm not paid to make the decisions, so what do I know?

Go Noles!

Season FSU Softball Statistics (take them for what they're worth, which isn't always much).

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