Quotes From Florida State Spring Game

Wilder Jr. doesn't need a belt. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

Meant to post these up earlier from the release:

OT Cam Erving: On his overall performance in the spring game

"I feel like I played pretty well. It’s still a process, but I just took my time and I slowed things down today. I listened to my coaches and I feel like I did pretty well."

On playing against All-American Brandon Jenkins

"It’s been real intense. Brandon is a great player, he has established himself; going against him every day just gets me better all the time. It gives me needed reps to go against the people we are going to be playing against during the season. It’s been real intense and very competitive but he is always helpful at the end of the day."

How does it feel to play football again?

"It’s overwhelming to get back out here and playing football again. It was fun, very fun. It was good; we tried not to focus on the uniforms too much. We really enjoyed it and thank Coach Fisher for it. It was good, it was fun. There was a good bit of trash talking on the field but by the end of the day everybody was giving each other their props."

CB Greg Reid: On whether this year’s defense can be better than last year’s

"Last year was a good team. This year we just have to take one game at a time and get better with our coverage and our assignments and we’ll be a great defense."

On what he has improved on mentally and physically

"My eyes are a little bit better; covering my guy and not worrying about everybody else. I think I got better with fundamental stuff too, technique and different stuff like that."

DE Brandon Jenkins: On how the defense played today

"I thought we played well on both sides of the ball. A lot of running to the ball. An interception by Terrance Brooks. Overall I thought we did well."

On playing against your own teammates

"It’s a friendly competition. We’re all teammates at the end of the day; Just friendly competition. We want to push each other to be great."

On changing his jersey number

"It’s my last year. I wanted to try something new. I had number 49 since middle school and high school, and I didn’t ask for that number. It was given to me. I just wanted to try something new and hopefully it will work out for me."

FB Lonnie Pryor: On things the team needs to improve on going into the summer

"There’s a lot of things we need to improve on. Just being more consistent on offense and defense, and being more detailed."

On his cut back run

"It just felt good to be at running back and run the ball. It was a great feeling to do that. It felt like high school again."

WR Rashad Gholston On his two-touchdown performance

First of all, I want to thank God for having the opportunity to go out there and play today. My teammates really helped me out a lot out there. I have to remember to tell myself to ‘stay humble.’ I scored two touchdowns, but I need to put those aside and keep grinding. I need to continue to work hard to improve my performance. On his spring as a whole The spring has been a lot of hard work and dedication. It hasn’t been easy – day in, and day out. Not every day is perfect. The team has motivated me, and I have been able to motivate myself. I went out there today and executed.

WR Kelvin Benjamin On the excitement of the 2012 Spring Game

It was very fun. It was very competitive, playing against my teammates. I had fun today. I was looking forward to the game, because that’s what we’ve been working toward all spring. It turned into a live football game. It got real intense. It was really fun. I think both sides did well.

On how he would rate his spring game performance

I think I could’ve did better. I helped the team out. The defense really had their coverages out and they had a great game plan. I probably could’ve helped the team out a little bit more.

RB James Wilder Jr. On his 2012 Spring Game performance

It was great. It was good to be back with the team. The atmosphere was great. Everybody was cheering – friend, family and teammates. We went after it and competed, and made each other better.

On FSU’s depth

We have a lot of depth. We had first string and second string on our side and on the other side – that could probably start for most other teams. It was definitely a competitive game. There aren’t any weak points, I’d say. On receiving the bulk of the carries in the Spring Game We had a couple of injuries to Chris (Thompson) and Devonta (Freeman), and Coach (Fisher) pulled me to the side and told me that this was my chance to show everybody what I can do. He gave me my opportunity, he told me that he though I did pretty good."

QB EJ Manuel On how he felt he did in the game

"I thought I did well as far as distributing the ball out to guys. I thought the ball came out of my hands well. I thought I went through my reads minus the two picks and things like that. You know I had a great spring. I thought I did well and I thought my team did well. We definitely progressed this spring. We’ll be ready."

On the amount of times the offense threw the ball

"I just looked at that. I was like ‘wow I threw the ball 51 times’. My body feels good and that’s what I’m smiling for. I came out of the spring healthy and moving on to the summer time."

On the play of the offensive line

"I thought they did well. (Sterling) Lovelady was our center, we didn’t have Austin Barron. I thought Lovelady did a great job. Made all his checks, his run checks, his pass checks, he did well. All those guys, the front five did a good job."
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