FSU Softball Weekly Update 10

ENJOY THE CAN OF RAID, JACKETS. I'm pressed for time this week, so this is going to be a quick and dirty 10th update. The least you need to know is that this Noles team is hanging together even with some injuries and some pitching issues that have cropped up. The Noles beat FAMU (5-3), lost to South Alabama (3-1) and won the ACC series against Georgia Tech (L 5-4, W 7-6, W 4-3).

The Noles take on LSU this Wednesday in Baton Rouge (another big road test), Troy on Thursday and then have their FINAL home series / games of the season against Boston College this Saturday and Sunday. So if you want to check out FSU Softball (although I think it's more likely than not we'll get a regional nod this year) for FREE (NCAA Regionals are ticketed events) then head out to JoAnne Graf Field this weekend.

Personal notes after the jump >>>------|>

FAMU - Should have won it. Did win it.

USA - Never a bad team. I think we got caught looking ahead to the GT series.

GT - Bwahahahaha eat some RAID Yellow Jackets. It was big for a relatively young team to come out of three close ACC games with a series win.

The Numbers

FSU is number 18 in RPI.

Polls are not available yet, I'll update when they come out. The Noles are #22 in both polls this week.

+3 BA (.278 #91 vs .277 #94 last week)

-4 ERA (1.44 #9 vs 1.21 #5 last week)

-8 Runs (4.64 #84 vs 4.67 #76 last week)

Etc. Etc. Etc.

Look, we know what the Noles (38-10, 12-3 ACC) are in 2012. They are led by excellent overall pitching, very good defense and a solid, speedy, but not powerful offense. How far will this carry FSU? We know tournaments are about who's hot, not necessarily who's the best team. In my completely amateur opinion, the Noles are in good shape to head into the ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament primed for wins. We've seen FSU flush out a good mid-season offensive slump and it appears we're going through that with the pitching staff right now (if you want to call falling from 5 to 9 a slump). Timing is everything and my gut feeling is that FSU will be ready to hit another peak soon.

I'd definitely like to see Maddie O'Brien get healthy quickly (concussion) at SS and Bailey Schinella for pitching depth (concussion) when FSU heads to tournament time in a couple of weeks. I'd also like to see us stop with the freaking concussions (O'Brien, Schinella, Borden). Can we borrow some helmets from the football team?

Go Noles!

Season FSU Softball Statistics (take them for what they're worth, which isn't always much).

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