Noles News 04.19.12

April 14, 2012; Tallahassee, FL, USA; A Florida State Seminoles fan cheers during the first half of the Florida State spring game at Doak Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

I know I need to do these more often, but other things come up. Let's get to it.

FSU Football & Related

Big blow: USF’s Grissom goes down with fractured fibula | CollegeFootballTalk
The last thing any team needs at this time of the year is a significant injury incurred during one of its spring practices sessions. Unfortunately, USF could find itself in that very situation, especially with the possible season-ending loss of Grissom, and now the news of another defensive line player out for the season.

Another blow: USF backup DE Anthony Hill has torn ACL and out for year and more here.

If the name Anthony Hill rings a bell to recruitniks, he was the player who originally signed an NLI with FSU but did not enroll prior to the fall semester of 2008. One of the many questionable offers and recruiting blunders made during the final years of the the prior administration.

How did he come to USF: Anthony's trip to USF was an interesting one. Hill originally signed with FSU, but was told he would have to greyshirt due to scholarship constraints. After what Hill said was a lack of communication between the FSU staff and Anthony, both agreed to part ways in September 2008. Former coach Jim Leavitt quickly offered Anthony a scholarship and he enrolled in January 2009.

Tiger Tracks | The Post and Courier | Charleston SC, News, Sports, Entertainment

Post Spring Game Sunday Thoughts - Shakin The Southland

Inside Florida State Seminoles' spring game - ESPN
What happens when you let two sportswriters off press row and onto a sideline? Florida State found out Saturday, when Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach were granted full access to the Noles' spring game -- from picking the teams to calling a few plays.

Miami Spring Football Wrap-up - The 7th Floor
If I could multiply the enthusiasm by .5 I think this article would be spot on.

2008-2012 Recruiting Cycle: Clemson/ACC Coastal Comparison - Shakin The Southland

Florida Football Recruiting: Gators Can See 2013 Finish Line - - Alligator Army

Position Battle: Running Backs - Gobbler Country
Sizing up the running back battle at Virginia Tech. Who will replace David Wilson?

This is the Pistol | The Key Play

Postgame Impressions of the 2012 Orange & White - Shakin The Southland

Louisville Spring Football Game: A Handful Of Observations - Big East Coast Bias
Louisville wrapped up spring practice with the annual Red and White game before a crowd of about 15,000. Here are some observations from yesterday's game. I post this here because Louisville probably has the best shot to play FSU in the Orange Bowl.

FSU Recruiting

Laremy Tunsil Names A Top Four... Or Five - From Our Editors -
Laremy Tunsil listed both a top four and a top five last night. The combined lists contained six different teams. It is still very early in the recruiting process for Tunsil, and he likely isn't ready to put out a serious list.

Other CFB

Pre-Snap Read: Arkansas still dangerous

Pre-Snap Read: No. 118: Akron

Bowden’s setting the bar awfully low, saying that his goal is to win one more game than in 2011, and that’s a good thing. When it comes to this fall, the only thing keeping Akron from being the clear pick to finish last in the MAC East is the presence of Massachusetts, a rookie member of the F.B.S. – and, to be honest, there’s not much separating the Zips from the Minutemen. Both are teams largely devoid of any discernable talent entering their first season under a new coaching staff; as in Amherst, the Zips are due to hit a significant learning curve in this new offensive system. The only position that seems ready for this spread, up-tempo offense is running back, where the Zips have two steady options. The offensive line, already an issue, is one injury away from implosion. The only MAC receiver corps with bigger issues is the one at UMass; again, the two teams inhabit the conference’s bottom rung. The less said of the quarterback situation the better, though it’s hard to get excited over the prospects of Akron being led by the former backup at Stephen F. Austin. What’s really frightening to consider is that the defense may be worse off than the offense. There will be no Auburn-like miracle here. Bowden has his hands full with this rebuilding job. He wanted back in? Well, he’s back in. Good luck.

Pre-Snap Read: No. 119: Memphis

Here’s what you see: hope. If not overriding, top-to-bottom hope, then more hope than was found during the Tigers’ run under Porter, when the program found its lowest point in decades. Fuente seems to have a nice grasp on how to build a winning product; he’s attacked the team’s losing mentality, hoping to reverse the sort of malaise that has gripped Memphis over the last three years. At some point — by the time the Tigers join the Big East, hopefully — Fuente might have Memphis playing a winning brand of football. For this year, the university should settle for increased competitiveness. There’s simply not enough talent here for Memphis to be more than an also-ran in the Conference USA East division, even if the division lacks a true leader heading into the summer. Once again, the Tigers will have a new starting quarterback. The running game, due to the lack of a lead back and offensive line concerns, is at least one year from being where Fuente needs it to be. The entire defense remains a looming concern — there’s simply not enough depth, let alone starting talent, for Memphis to make a drastic improvement. But the team will be better, even if that improvement doesn’t manifest itself in the standings. Fuente is an upgrade over his predecessor, though he has his own learning curve to address.

Pre-Snap Read: No. 120: Massachusetts

In terms of history, prestige, talent and overall readiness for this new endeavor, UMass ranks highest among the four new additions to the F.B.S. in 2012 — not that the Minutemen are heads and shoulders above, and remember that we’re comparing this team to South Alabama, not plain-old Alabama. Nevertheless, more so than Texas-San Antonio, Texas State and the Jaguars, UMass has enough returning talent and experience to hang with a handful of teams on its conference schedule. Whether the Minutemen can do more — win three games in the MAC, for example — hinges on a handful of key factors. One is the quarterback play, which was mediocre a year ago. Another is at wide receiver, where the Minutemen are starting from scratch after losing three seniors. The front seven needs to readjust to the 4-3, though I don’t think we’ll see an extended learning curve. The secondary, though promising, still needs time to develop. More than anything, consider the two events hitting this program simultaneously: one, the move to the F.B.S., and two, the coaching change. Molnar is driven, confident and wholly convinced that UMass will one day — soon, actually — be the best football program in New England. There’s little reason why this dream can’t one day be a reality. This year’s schedule will put a short-term dent in those plans, sadly. Two wins, both coming in MAC play, would be great. Three would be outstanding. It’s a process — for UMass as much as U.T.S.A., Texas State and South Alabama.

Pre-Snap Read: No. 121: Texas State

Compared to Texas-San Antonio, Texas State is Alabama. That doesn’t mean much, though having the Roadrunners in the WAC should allow the Bobcats to avoid a last-place finish. Compared to the vast majority of the F.B.S., however, Texas State’s issues loom large. The Bobcats need to run the football effectively to score points; unfortunately, the offensive line is a major work in progress. The offense will fall apart at the seams if the Bobcats can’t move the ball on the ground. Arndt is a better option than Rutherford, in my mind, but he’s a complimentary piece, not the star of the offense. The defense is in shambles: even if the individual pieces will be better — it is the second season in the 4-2-5 — the defense is going to get ripped to shreds during non-conference play and against the WAC’s best. Is there good news? There’s always good news. The Bobcats should revel in joining the F.B.S. party. Franchione has won at similar stops throughout his career. Recruiting has picked up. I’m not saying that the Bobcats can’t eventually win games in the WAC; they just won’t in 2012.

Cripes! Get back to fundamentals...: Newer Developments in Air Raid (old is new again)

Pre-Snap Read: No. 122: New Mexico

In a nutshell Even Davie’s expectations are in check. The standard of play he’s seen thus far from his new team is "not very high," he said over the weekend, adding, "I’m not going to kid anybody." This isn’t a lowball estimate — Davie covering his bases, saying the Lobos will be bad so no one is surprised — but rather pure, unadulterated honesty, and it’s refreshing. Even after a decade away, Davie sees the writing on the wall: New Mexico, with significantly less than a full compliment of players, no clear answer at quarterback, a dreadful lack of depth along the offensive line, a new system on each side of the ball… New Mexico, simply put, is not anywhere near competing for anything better than second-to-last place in the Mountain West. There’s still a tremendous, tremendous amount of work to be done before this team can make a move towards bowl eligibility. This year? The Lobos should take their lumps, keep the faith and envision a future — maybe even just two years down the road — when Davie and his staff will have the horses to run with the rest of the conference. Right now, the Lobos are nearly bereft of all the things a team needs to be a contender. The program should be able to take some solace in the fact that it will no longer be an embarrassment off the field.

Other Recruiting

Kendall Fuller cuts list to six, Terps on it - Testudo Times

OLB Dorian O'Daniel Commits to Clemson - Shakin The Southland

Would You Or Anyone You Know Like To Play NC State Football? - Backing The Pack
A look at NC State's weak football recruiting efforts in 2012 with a comparison to the rest of the ACC and the BCS.

Kellen Jones reportedly Clemson-bound - ACC Blog - ESPN
Former Oklahoma linebacker Kellen Jones will transfer to Clemson, according to


5 reasons NC State won't win* the ACC | April


Look for a huge baseball article tomorrow.


Bo Jackson Interview on Alabama Biking Fundraiser: Profiles: GQ

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