Jimbo Fisher Pleased With Florida State's First Spring Football Scrimmage

Poor practice field conditions forced FSU to the IM fields. via reader "Thornole"

Florida State football practiced Monday on the intramural fields as the practice fields are being repaired. This situation is a bit of a sore subject for FSU at the moment. Florida State dropped a bunch of money on the fields less than a year ago, and they should not be in such poor shape. Bryan Stork got his turf toe injury due to the poor field conditions. How can this happen in Florida? Do we have any readers in landscaping or lawn maintenance?

Coach Jimbo Fisher had a lot to say (almost 10 minutes worth) after reviewing the film of the scrimmage, and I'll try to parse through and square it with what I've heard.

Fisher said that he liked the intensity of Monday's practice coming off the scrimmage and that they got a lot of install done. He was very pleased with the practice overall.

Liked the job by the offensive line in the scrimmage. Cameron Erving did some very nice things, did some nice things on cutoff blocks showcasing his athleticism. Fisher also likes the pair of Josue Matias and Tre Jackson at guard, as I wrote about this afternoon. Fisher was happy with the performance of the offensive line and likes that the group is going against an elite defensive line and good backers.

Fisher has seen serious improvement in Clint Trickett's arm strength since his weight gain (Trickett suffers from celiac disease and has added 15 pounds since diagnosis and diet change). He said Trickett finished 12-17 in the scrimmage and threw the ball really well. Fisher said Clint has better strength and endurance during practice. Jacob Coker was 16-27 and had a lot of time with the threes but did get some reps with the twos.

EJ was 19-35 but was the victim of six drops. Fisher said no QB played great, but all played OK and he was pleased. The receivers (and tight ends) need to not drop balls, but that has not been a consistent issue and seems to be an isolated thing. Fisher said that EJ is focusing on passing from and sitting in the pocket. He says that Manuel is full speed, but his leg injury is not something they're risking with QB runs, etc., and that he is developing better pocket passing skills. Fisher said that Manuel had his best practice Monday, and reminded reporters that Manuel had not done much in the off-season due to injuries.

Fishers said that Lonnie Pryor caught about five balls (many want Pryor to become more involved in the passing game, so that is a positive sign).

In today's practice, Kelvin Benjamin made some nice catches and blocked well on some toss plays to his side (h/t reader Thornole).

Fisher said that Tyler Hunter is really talented and playing very well. I expect that he will lock down the nickel/utility role. Terrence Brooks is banged up and Karlos Williams got some first-team reps. Keelin Smith played a lot and had some moments, both good and bad.

As for the battle between Brandon Jenkins and Cameron Erving, Fisher said that they are having some wars over there and that Erving will get in the real game and think "who are these guys?" (meaning, presumably, that Jenkins is better than anything Erving will face). Fisher says it is very competitive and likes the intense fight.

Fisher said Lamarcus Joyner is a more mature player after a full year at safety under his belt. Joyner is obviously a stud.

Fisher discussed how a lot of the two-gap stuff has went away in the modern game, but that FSU has some guys up front who can do that (take on blocks) and it frees up defenders in the back seven to do a greater variety of things. Hmm, I wonder who the backer is who can two-gap like that? (Hint: Christian Jones)

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