FSU Softball Weekly Update 9

REBOUND WEEK. A big shout out to the Virginia Tech Hokies for being FSU's rebound chick (or dude since this is softball?) after a whipping at the tiny little croc arms of the Gators (9-1 mercy rule in 6 innings) and a rough start against VT on Friday (11-5).

I attended the Gators / Noles game last week. The VT stuff is purely what I followed on Twitter and in summaries.

Personal notes after the jump >>>------|>

Oh the horror that was the Gator game. If it could go wrong, it went wrong. JoAnne Graf Field was filled past capacity for once (1200 fans), but only the Gators were happy with the mercy-rule 9-1 result. Monica Perry was not herself. She had plenty of speed on the radar, but it seemed like she lacked her typical movement on pitches. It didn't take the Gators long to figure it out and when the did, balls were launching out of JoAnne Graf.

That brings me to another point, which I've talked about for a long time. We still cannot match up with the Gators when it comes to power bats. I kid you not, one of the Gators was barely 5 feet tall and smashed a line drive off of the RF fence. One of the home runs was probably 270+ feet. They hit hard. The Noles are definitely a faster team, but speed can't run past the fences.

Kudos to Lacey Waldrop for stopping the bleeding in that game, and great job by Kelly Hensley with two of the four FSU hits. Other than that, it was just a game to forget about for the Noles. It was just one particularly bad game and it happened to come against the Gators. Every team has them from time to time, the timing of this once was just disappointing for fans.

Hokies Pokies.

Game 1 was the opposite of the Florida game, but with a similar losing result for FSU. Waldrop was responsible for 4 earned runs and was yanked after facing only 5 batters. Monica Perry gave up 7 runs, only 1 of which was earned over the next 25 batters faced and Jessica Nori put the final Hokie away. The bright side of the game was that the offense put up 5 runs. I believe 5 runs will win the Noles plenty of games. It was just another bad day for the pitching staff and .

Game 2 / 3 the Noles decided to make VT their rebound after a couple of rough outings pounding out 10 runs on 18 hits over the two victories. Jessica Nori picked up her second win of the season in Game 2. Monica Perry picked up victory number 16 in Game 3 and Lacey Waldrop picked up her first career save. (Where's Schinella?) Without going into a ton of detail (time is short this week, sorry) the offense overall did a very good job there were multiple players with multiple hits.

Hopefully the pitching staff flushed out its issues and will return to dominance this week against FAMU, South Alabama and this weekend (Sun / Mon) against Georgia Tech (ESPN 3 4/15 12pm / 2pm, ESPNU 4/16 7pm). There are only 8 more home games this season (5 of which are over the next week) so if you can get out to JoAnne Graf Field for a bit, I know the team would appreciate the support.

I'll update this thread with rankings and stats tomorrow once the NCAA puts them up on their website.

Go Noles!

Season FSU Softball Statistics (take them for what they're worth, which isn't always much).

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