Breaking Down Travel Distances: ACC vs Big 12

The following comparison is if the Big 12 expands from 10 teams to 12 teams by adding FSU and Clemson.

ACC Schools Distance from FSU:

BC - 1,304 miles

Clemson - 387 miles

Duke - 640 miles

GT - 265 miles

Maryland - 883 miles

Miami - 485 miles

UNC - 643 miles

NCST - 614 miles

UVA - 730 miles

VT - 631 miles

WF - 541 miles

New Additions:

Pitt - 906 miles

Cuse - 1183

TOTAL DISTANCE = 9,212 miles

AVERAGE DISTANCE = 708.6 miles

Big 12 Schools Distance From FSU:

Baylor - 866 miles

ISU - 1,177 miles

Kansas - 1,013 miles

Kansas St -1,104 miles

OU - 1,012 miles

OSU - 1,004 miles

UT - 870 miles

TTU - 1,204 miles

New Additions:

TCU - 870 miles

WVU - 834 miles

Clemson - 387 miles

TOTAL DISTANCE = 10,341 miles


The following is if the Big 12 expands to 14 teams by adding GT and Miami (in addition to FSU/Clemson)

TOTAL DISTANCE = 11,091 miles


Obviously, a lot of the distance FSU would have to travel as teams would depend a lot on divisional alignment - by both the ACC and Big 12. As people have said for a long, long time - a North/South breakdown of divisions makes much more sense in the ACC.

The Big 12 would most likely form East/West Divisions.

If the Big 12 expands to 16, it could go with the pod format - which would cut down on travel costs a ton.

A name being thrown around a lot to eventually join the Big 12 is Louisville (644 miles from FSU). The 16th team could be anyone from ND, Pitt, or whatever.

But, with a 16 team Big 12 with pods could look like this:

Southeast Pod: FSU, Clemson, GT, and Miami

Northeast Pod: WVU, Louisville (sub whomever), ND (sub whomever), ISU

Midwest Pod: OU, OSU, KU, KSU

South Pod: Texas, Baylor, TCU, Tx Tech.

Travel expenses certainly shouldn't be ignored - it costs a lot of money. However, sitting at 12 teams the average distance is only about 240 miles. If the next two teams are GT and Miami (to make 14) then the average drops to less then 150 miles. At 16 teams, a pod consisting of FSU, Clemson, GT, and Miami is pretty ideal. Even if we stayed in the ACC and the ACC grew to 16 teams, unless a FL team is added, that would most likely be our exact pod in a 16 team ACC too.

Just information to chew on.

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