FSU and SEC Possibilities

It's been widely assumed FSU will be blocked by the SEC due to UF, and them having a pack with UGA, USCe, and even KY - they would all vote together to block FSU, GT, Clemson, and Louisville as expansion talks happen.

Well, that was during the last expansion talks (A&M and Mizzou got the invites). The difference was the SEC was sitting at 12 and there was a possibility of a major shift happening and conferences going to 16 - ie, enough open slots for FSU, Clemson, GT, and Louisville theoretically being able to get an invite. The big difference is now there's only two spots left before the SEC hits 16.

Now, why would the SEC be interested in FSU? We don't add a new market.


The SEC got a big advantage by getting their foot into TX by adding A&M. They gained a big market and got a direct connection to a major football state. If the Big 12 adds FSU, they'd lose that advantage entirely. The Big 12 would gain access to the SEC's largest market. UT, OU, and others would have an "in" into FL.

So, while FSU may not add a "new" market, adding FSU would certainly lock up, and protect, the SEC's most establish (most valuable), major market (TX is a larger market, but it's brand new to the SEC) while still also having TX.

FSU would add TV value to the SEC in the 3 major sports given the ratings FSU receives. It still makes good business sense for the SEC to be interested in FSU.

What about the "pack" against FSU?

Well, this time around, with FSU to the Big 12 being a real possibility, it may not exist anymore. Think about it, there's only two slots left. If one is used for FSU and the other to reach out to a new market (for example, VT - I know the rumors about them being tied to UVA, it's just an example) then the pack means nothing to UGA, USCe, and KY because their rivals aren't possibilities. However, it may not be worth it to them to still block FSU and allow the Big 12 into FL.

I'm not saying there are any FSU to SEC rumors or anything.

I'm just trying to think logically about the possibility the SEC becomes interested in inviting FSU as well - especially after the public displeasure from our BOT with the ACC and being open to looking around.

Either way, SEC or Big 12, I think we're much better off.

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