I hope we can still be friends...

It’s so tiring bouncing back and forth from article to article about why Florida State attempting to move to a better conference is stupid, greedy, undeserved or pretentious. How Florida States inability to win in the ACC means they are going to remain mediocre forever in the BIG XII. The majority of these negative articles are SO incredibly narrow sighted that it’s sickening. This latest lazy, neglectful of facts, craptastic slop of an article by "expert" columnist and university of florida graduate Greg Doyle is a perfect example of how short sided, moody, arrogant and hypocritical the media has been about college football.

His first point is that Florida States departure from the ACC will be the death of the conference. If Florida State and others depart, yes, the ACC is over, at least as a football conference. Check. You are correct Doyle. Nothing new here, everyone has known that for a while now. He then goes in to the irony of this because FSU is the one that has been killing the ACC for a decade by

going as far into the dumper as a well-heeled BCS program from the recruiting-rich state of Florida can go.

What a surprise Miami has for him. He then says it’s FSUs own fault for the poor decade because they refused to let Bobby go when it was:

obvious (A) he was no longer running the program and (B) whoever was running it wasn't able to win at an acceptable level."

Doyle nails this. But where was this when Florida State finally did something about it? In my recollection of the Bowden exit there were NO national journalist this in tuned to the problems Bowden was causing the program. It was simply, "Bowden built you from nothing and you should let him take you all the way back if he wants to…" It’s almost as though they saw how successful Fisher could be so quick and realized, "Oh! Maybe he was the problem?"

Next he labels Florida State as

one of those teams that should always win big in college football for the same reasons Duke and Wake Forest can't: facilities, boosters, tradition, recruiting. When it comes to college football, Florida State was born on third base. It just needed someone to come along and get credit for hitting the triple.

but then he states that Florida State football will remain in relative mediocrity.

The Seminoles are slowly coming back under Jimbo Fisher but here's the reality: If you can't dominate in the ACC - not one team finished last season in the Top 20 - you can't dominate in the Big 12. Texas, Oklahoma, now Oklahoma State, even Texas Christian ... where does FSU fit in there? Not at the top, I can tell you that. Not an FSU program that has lost eight games in the last two years, including at Wake Forest and at home to Virginia, both last season.

So, first you admit Bowden was responsible for the decline at FSU, then you say Jimbo is slowly bringing the program back, I'm not sure 'slowly is the right adverb there, only to conclude that against a better conference FSU will never make it back? What about that statement that FSU is "one of those teams that should always win big?" You JUST said it. Like, in THIS article. An FSU program that lost eight games in the last two years could never compete with a Texas team that lost TWELVE games in that same period. They are definitely no match for an Oklahoma State who has had 2 10 win seasons since 2000, the programs most successful era, while FSU only put up 3 in the same time, an era considered to be unacceptable for the program. And we’ll go ahead and throw TCU in there, a MWC private school juggernaut whose relative success will only be tested for the first time in a BCS conference this COMING year. This is a popular stance by most of the journalists weighing in on this topic. It's why preseason polls suck so bad. FSU disappointed me on my over rating last season so I'm going to under rate them this year. It's because FSU disappoints, not because I was early declaring them back. These guys either have no ability or no desire to look at more than a recent photo of college football before predicting the future.

The last part I’ll touch on is his implication that

FSU thinks joining the Big 12 will fix its football program

and that Florida State is

seeking a new league after failing its current one.

The first one is TOTALLY wrong. FSU thinks firing Bobby Bowden will fix its football program. Moving to the Big 12 is about maintaining the ability to be successful in college football. The fact is, the sport has changed and is changing in DRASTIC ways. Its own popularity is the reason. It’s also the reason Greg Doyle has a job publishing half-assed articles about kids playing football. People are rabid for college football and chug it down as fast possible. This IS NOT kids picking teams on the playground and being mean about it. It is much more complex than that now. The ability to stay competitive depends on money and FSU is trying to ensure that it can compete in the future. Why is the media ignoring this? They are the ones that found incredible value in broadcasting these playground kids.

Journalists think that because FSU didn’t compete in the last decade they need to prove something before trying to in the next one. Piss off. If Wake Forest said they wanted to become big time in college football and started lowering academic standards and tried to move the SEC to get competitive revenue for building and competing I’d say "Good for you Demon Deacons, you go get it!" You don’t have to PROVE anything to anyone to earn an opportunity to make your program better. Who the hell do these journalists think THEY are to grant permission to programs to upgrade. Hey Heather Dinich, you have never written quality article about ACC football. Why don’t you prove you can write about FCS schools before you tackle the ACC. I suppose FSU winning the ACC 12 times in 20 years isn't proof they can dominate the ACC.

On the other point, there is no denying FSU has been disappointing as bell cow of the ACC but who failed who more here? I’m not even talking about Miami, Clemson an Virginia Tech here because they have experienced down cycles just like Florida State and every other major program does in a cyclical world. I’m talking about the REST of the ACC. The first expansion was supposed to help improve the new ACC basketball programs AS WELL as the old ACC football programs. TOTAL FAILURE. Maybe because hanging out with Miami, FSU and VT does not automatically make your football program better. You have to commit to it, invest money and it is an investment because football programs return enough money to sustain so much more at a university than just football. It’s North Carolina and Marylands fault for being content with crappy football.

This is NOT

like the bickering couple trying to save its marriage by having a baby.

It’s really more like a dude saying, "You know, we really aren’t interested in the same things. We should end this relationship before we’re miserable for the rest of our lives." which makes Greg Doyle the ugly, miserable friend that thinks FSU should just stick it out and be miserable forever too.

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