TomahawkNation Members Map And Survey

0516martin1jpg_mediumChief Osceola and Renegade demand your participation or you risk the flaming spear. Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

Those of you who where around in February of 2011 might remember the excellent job done by TN member BookemDanole with his TomahawkNation Members From Around the World Mapped Up.

Well Dan, ever the glutton for punishment, approached me a few weeks ago with a desire to once again put together this years version of "Where In The World Are The TN Members" living and posting from.

Due to the tremendous increase in TN members and non-member lurkers since last year, we discussed the need to automate the process of collecting the data from our members, instead of posting a comment with the info and then manually transposing it to the map as Dan did last year.

We requested the help of TN's resident IT guru, pbysh, and he came through as he always does with a simple yet effective way of gathering the data to simplify the map plotting process.

So without further ado, BookemDanole, along with pbysh's help, is proud to announce the start of this years TN Membership map and survey.

We will leave this Fanpost posted in the Recommended Fanpost section for the next 2 weeks to give everyone a chance to respond. Then shortly thereafter, Dan will release the map showing where our members are currently living along with some other member information you may find interesting.

If you are not a TN member but just a reader of this site we would love for you to join our site. It will take you less than 2 minutes to join and we promise to never spam you. Even if you decide not to join TN at this time we encourage you to participate in this survey. Everyone who reads TN is welcome.

Of course you are welcome and highly encouraged to post any comments about yourself or your FSU experiences below in the comments thread. One suggestion would be for you post your current city and state, the year you graduated or left FSU, if you'd like to include your major please do, and any personal anecdote you wish to share. I know we all have many interesting stories we may want to share in the comments, but please remember, in order to be included in the final project please respond here to the very short and quick 5 question survey.

If you live outside of the USA and don't have a zip code, please enter the city and country where you post from.

Remember to please click here to participate in BookemDanole's 2nd Annual TN members "I'll Map You Up" survey. You might be surprised to learn you have other FSU fans and TN members living close by.

Thanks from all of us and your participation is truly appreciated.

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