6/26/2012 - Reallignment Discussion

People still want to talk reallignment, but the ACC/Notre Dame thread is getting unwieldy. So here we go.

Nothing particularly newsworthy on realligment at the moment, nobody seems to have any idea what's going on. I will say this though...for months and months, the leaks out of "insiders" tracked with each other about 90%. They were all pretty close in what they were reporting. Skeptics would say that is because there was NOTHING happening, and they were just copying each other. I've personally talked to a few of these folks, and I don't believe that to be the case, but you are certainly free to believe that.

About three weeks ago or so, all of a sudden the insider stories began to diverge wildly. What I BELIEVE, and this is supported by some conversations I've had with more than one insiders, is that virtually all of the sources on this thing locked up tight a few weeks ago. Could be because it was dead/never really a thing, or because it was mostly finished and is just in a waiting pattern before the final details could become official, or because all the chatter was complicating and/or compromising whatever discussions there were.

However, there is a huge hungry maw called the public constantly demanding more info (and I'm at the front of the line with a lobster bib on), and I think since the great silence, a lot of insiders with decent connections have been going to secondary sources, rumors they are hearing, their best guesses, and conversations with other insiders. Which is resulting in lots of totally conflicting information, misdirection, half-truths and speculation.

My best guess, having no sources myself, is that nobody is going to move this summer. But I would not be suprised at all if we did see some activity in July. Below is a summary of what various people are I said, the people with claimed inside info have NEVER been this all over the board during this story cycle.

This reallignment story was never a story at all - just made up crap

Reallignment is dead for 2012

Texas has a hard-on for Notre Dame, and has blocked Clemson until ND is completely out of the picture for the Big 12.

Texas just doesn't think Clemson is good enough.

Texas just doesn't want to expand, so is blocking Clemson (knowing FSU won't come without)

FSU is ready to go with or without Clemson or another ACC partner

FSU will not go without Clemson or another ACC partner

FSU might accept this summer, but to start play in 2014 while the Big 12 works on a 12th

Clemson is acceptable to the Big 12, but the interest on their side has cooled (due to being slow played for Notre Dame, or for other reasons)

GT is waiting to take Clemson's spot if they won't jump

GT has no interest in the Big 12

Louisville might be the 12th of FSU is the 11th

Notre Dame might still join the Big 12 for non-football

The ACC has offered Notre Dame for non-football

ACC still working hard to get Notre Dame "all in"

So...there's that...

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