EA Sports: The Heisman Winner You Wish Had Played At FSU

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By now you've noticed the ads plastered all around the site about NCAA Football 2013 coming out, and primarily its feature that allows you to add a Heisman winner from the past to your team.

he EA Sports people have been kind enough to sponsor a couple posts to have you all respond and answer the question: What former Heisman winner would you like to have seen play for the 'Noles?

I wanted someone in a given year that would have put FSU over the top in that year. That means no Herschel Walker on the '96 Seminoles, etc.

I'm not picking anyone who played during the lost decade, because one player would not have made a difference on any of those teams.

So let's go back a bit.

I thought about Carson Palmer in 2002. But that was fringe lost decade and still a team with Jeff Bowden, and I'm not confident that Palmer turns 9-5 into 14-0.

1999 doesn't need anyone.

The '98 team doesn't beat N.C. State or Tenessee with Ron Dayne.

1997, Florida State had an awesome team. Green beats Rolle in the final minute for Florida. Is Charles Woodson that much of an upgrade? No. Plus, that loss is on the coaching staff for kicking the field goal.

I almost went with 1992, because if Miami doesn't have Gino Toretta, they probably don't beat Florida State. Though, again, stop kicking so many field goals. Plus, FSU had Charlie Ward and he ended up, well, I'm not replacing a Heisman winner with a Heisman winner.

1991, though is a two-loss season that could have been an undefeated year. FSU lost back-to-back games to Miami and Florida by the score of 16-17 and 9-14.

In both games, Florida State lacked a dynamic receiver. Amp Lee paced FSU with 69 yards v. Miami and Kez McCorvey had 89 against Florida. They were good, but they weren't future Super Bowl MVP winners.

The Heisman winner in '91? Desmond Howard. He scored 23 touchdowns in 1991, had a million return yards, and made big plays against good teams. Does Florida State beat Miami and Florida if Howard is returning kicks and catching passes from the Heisman runner-up, Casey Weldon? I just made that argument. Still, that's not my pick.

[And after former FSU offensive lineman Eric Luallen chimed in, I am glad I didn't choose '91.]

But the one that stood out to me the most was 1987. Florida State won games by 24, 41, 17, 28, 51, 22, 59!, 28, 31, 14 and 3 (over powerhouse Nebraska in the Fiesta Bowl). And lost one, by one, at home, 25-26 to Miami. FSU finished 11-1 and No. 2 in the polls, to Miami.

But put Tim Brown, the 1987 winner, on those Seminoles. Might it have been different? Florida State's leading receivers (Herb Gainer and Ronald Lewis) failed to break 500 yards.

Imagine if teams couldn't gang up against Sammie Smith? Going to put 8 or 9 in the box with Tim Brown flanked out wide? I didn't think so. And having the elite receiver on the field also opens things up for the run game. I'm sure Danny McManus would have loved that.

Tim Brown is the pick because Florida State was so close, and because it would also take away a title of a rival.

Who would you choose? Check out this list, and play by the rules (the Heisman winner, for the year that he won, on the 'Noles.) And in case you need help remembering the seasons, here's this helpful site.

This post was sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 13. Check out the video for the game below.

EA SPORTS NCAA Football 13 TV: "Son" (via EASPORTS)

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