Kevin Haplea Q&A: What Impact Will Penn State Transfer Have For Florida State?

Haplea will compete for playing time at Florida State.

With the news that Penn State tight end Kevin Haplea is transferring to Florida State, FSU fans have asked several questions about the move via Twitter and Facebook.

Most were already answered in our story, but since it is quite long, here's a breakdown.

[NOTE: This is player No. 32 on the countdown. I couldn't format the title as such for search purposes.]

Is Haplea immediately eligible? Yes, thanks to NCAA rule. Haplea is a junior and is also eligible for a redshirt.

Does Haples count as a scholarship player? Yes.

By taking Kevin Haplea, does FSU have to play with one reduced scholarship in 2013? No. That would only be the case if FSU were exceeding its NCAA limit of 85-scholarships in 2012 by taking a player from Penn State. Jimbo Fisher told Tomahawk Nation that Florida State is at 84, meaning it has room to add one without exceeding the maximum. No exceed, no future sacrifice.

Will Haplea redshirt? Highly unlikely, barring injury or a complete inability to learn the offense (doubtful).

What will Haplea's role be? Despite his school bio labeling him an excellent pass-catching threat, I believe he will compete for playing time against Dan Hicks for the in-line tight end (not the motion/H-Back role occupied by Nick O'Leary). At the very least, he should provide experienced depth. At best, he could be a very good blocking tight end. And no, this does not mean that he is unable to catch the football.

Speaking of Hicks, will FSU move him back to defensive end? Probably not in 2012, given that FSU already has very good defensive end depth this year and he's put in a lot of time and effort learning the position.

After 2012, however, when FSU loses two or three defensive ends, I expect FSU's staff to evaluate Hicks again. After considering factors like returning players, incoming recruits (including JUCO players), Hicks' development at tight end, and overall team needs, they may elect to move him back for 2013.

Will Haplea have to compete against Will Tye and freshman Christo Kourtzidis? Yes, FSU stresses competition. However, our sources say that Haplea should be able to beat out Will Tye. Tye is entering his third year in the program and there is not much to indicate that Tye will be a significant contributor to the Seminoles anytime soon. The move also increases the chance that Kourtzidis, who could be extremely good in time, redshirts.

Does FSU's offense change with this move? We know that Florida State would like to use more double-tight sets. Adding another contributor at tight end increases the chance that FSU will be able to utilize these sets more frequently.

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