Florida State Football Opponent Update: Wake's Offensive Offensive Line

Florida State might have the best defensive line in the country. Wake Forest comes to town in 30 days. Keep that in mind when reading this, and remember, insurance companies will not pay on policies taken on others in whom you do not have a legitimate or familial interest (like Tanner Price).

The offense is pretty far behind the defense at this point. Defense always reigns supreme in the spring practices and the first couple weeks in the fall, but this gap is greater than the usual deficit that the offense faces. When you combine the overall talent level, depth and experience on the defense to its counterparts on offense there is really no contest.

I'm not trying to unnecessarily deride the offense and what they have done so far, because on occasion they looked pretty good and Tanner Price clicked pretty well. It's just obvious to anybody that came to the scrimmage today that the offense overall has a LONG way to go, and honestly we are running out of time.

It was pretty clear that the offensive line has a really long way to go even before the game today, but today definitely solidified that. A lot of times the defensive line was in the backfield before the ball was even handed off (pistol formation).

Excellent report on Wake Forest, which Florida State plays in 30 days!

Here is what Wake lost on the offensive line from 2012 (this is shocking)

LG Joe Looney 39 career starts, 2011 2nd All-ACC
RT Doug Weaver 25 career starts
RG Michael Hoag 21 career starts
LT Dennis Godfrey 20 career starts
LT Steven Chase 3 career starts (projected to start, but torn ACL last week)
C Chance Raines 2 career starts
G Daniel Blitch (left program this fall, was a backup but pushing for PT)
LT Dylan Heartsill (back injuries, career over this fall, was not slated to start)
T/G Ramon Booi (massive nose guard moved to offense this year but career over due to injuries)

They return: C Garrick Williams, a senior with 12 career starts. That's it. 12 offensive line starts.

Wake Forest has also lost starting tight end (a good blocker) for the year with a torn achilles.

Wake should probably have that classic, opportunistic Wake defense. But this offense might seriously get their QB hurt.

Incredibly, Wake has won four of the last six against Florida State. It's difficult to see that trend continuing this year, though.

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