The 2012 Season: Set to Music

It’s no big stretch to say that Bud and staff have given us an intrepid and remarkably in-depth preview to the season so far. While I think we could all agree on the quality of information leading up to kickoff for 2012, the one thing we’re missing is a brief overview…set to music*.

Well, now it’s here: A look at some basic elements, from the season itself to the team and beyond, with some musical influence by title if not by substantive lyrics, culminating in what should be an amazing season as a Nole. Enjoy TNers!

*Due to licensing and laws and bureaucracy, some of these videos won't work. Thankfully, you're a click away from the video opening up in YouTube. Sir Lawrence J FanPosts: Where we offer 50% of the fail for free!

The 2012 Season: Great Expectations

Let’s face it, this is the season we’ve been gearing up for since the hype around Retirement-gate started to recede. Jimbo and staff have built this team up to a standard (more on this in a bit) where the staff, team and fans expect success – the measure of which somewhat differing between the groups. Regardless, here we are on the precipice of a season where the focus isn’t on the fear of going 7-6, rather all eyes are set on the horizon wondering just how far this team will go. ACC title? BCS game winner? National Champion?

Sure, there have to be some lucky bounces along the way for the latter, but we have a team with enough talent, depth and desire that all three of the aforementioned achievements aren’t just pipe dreams. They are plausible destinations, attainable accolades and a combination of expected results. Doesn’t it feel good to see the Garnet & Gold back to that level; back to the point of barreling its way to success rather than hanging on for dear life?

I’d say it is. So prep up for another great season Noles, and hope not simply for the best but the absolute best. Because our hopes and dreams for this team, like Gaslight Anthem sings about in "The ’59 Sound," ain’t supposed to die on a Saturday night.

The Offense: Unless It’s Kicks

Motivational speech aside, we do have to wonder what we’ll see from this offense this year. Will E.J. put it all together? Will he avoid the vicious arrow of that heartless wench, The Injury Fairy? Can the offensive line gel enough to create consistency? Will they stay healthy enough to even try? Can Chris Thompson completely recover from the horrid end to his last season? Will Devonte Freeman take his game to another level? It goes on and on to the point that, the only sure part of our offense right now is Hopkins’ foot – say what you will about his late game nerves, knee jerk as they may be.

That’s right folks, we have some inkling of the unit this offense can transform into, but for the first few games we can’t be 100% sure…unless it’s kicks.

The Defense: Destroy Everything You Touch

"For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill." – Sun Tzu

The size of the D-Line. The speed of the secondary. The multitude of abilities among the LB, namely the opportunistic and deadly hitting. Before this defense steps on the field they are already in the heads of their opponents. Sure, they might not be cowering in fear, but you line up across this juggernaut and combine it with Stoops’ system, there is anxiety and unrest in the back of the heads’ of every player on offense.

For good reason, too, as none shall be left alive. What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their fanbase.

Special Teams: The Mystery Zone

Greg Reid is gone, and so are his fearless, shifty returns. Not to mention his fire as a comptetitor. Shaun Powell’s moved on the the NFL, leaving only the memory of his Howitzer leg. One can only wonder what result this will have on Florida State’s field position throughout the season. Once an advantage in the Noles’ gameplan, we are left questioning if we will see a major regression or if the newcomers can hold serve and deliver results relatively close to those we saw during the last two seasons.

Jimbo: How You Like Me Now

Once a question mark – to the uninitiated, of course – Jimbo hasn’t done much outside of restoring this team through amazing recruiting, revamping its infrastructure and serving notice to the fans and Athletic department that things were going to change quite drastically. He’s endured the fallout from Bowden moving on, a financial shortfall due to a shortsighted conference (we’ll get to this in a second), and most importantly has balanced his responsibility as a coach and mentor with that of being a father; this is especially prudent when considering Ethan and his condition.

All the fire, savvy and intensity of Saban and the good-hearted, southern jovial demeanor of Bowden, Jimbo is quickly working his way into being FSU’s second favorite son. Jimbo hasn’t just won 19 games in 2 seasons, but he’s won the hearts of Florida State fans. Most of them anyways.

To The ACC: Don’t F@$k With My Money

All quiet on the southwestern front. This of course doesn’t mean things aren’t still being discussed, but it looks like any talk of realignment and FSU’s involvement will be put off for another year. Who do we have to blame for the fact that this is still a concern? The ACC, of course, whose myopic attitude towards football revenue continues to put FSU’s hopes of competing with the SEC, not to mention Big 12, 10 and PAC-12, on the backburner. But rest assured, as Penguin Prison states, "you f@$k with our money, and you’ll be sorry."

Surely they must be aware at this point that Florida State quite possibly could pack its bags and walk away while flashing the most veangeful middle finger since that snarky walrus working the line at Chipotle neglected to give me enough guacamole on my Burrito Bowl. She neglected to give me the green, so I dropped my bowl on the ground and walked away, just like Nick Cannon in Drumline would have. Who is to say FSU isn’t close to doing the same?

Finally, To The Youngins : Baptism

Welcome to an age where Florida State is threating to be a dominating force. No one will ever see a streak like the consecutive Top 5, and us vets could never put it into words how amazing it was to see. What’s exciting, however, is to see a product on the field reminiscent – in talent so far, at least until the season begins – of the glory days. You are about to experience the jubilation, pride and swagger we felt back in the 80s and 90s. And that is a good feeling, newbies. Welcome to your baptism.

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