Florida State Ready For Saturday

Release from Florida State -- TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Seventh-ranked Florida State can finally put a month of preseason practices behind them and get down to the business of the 2012 college football season.

"The hay's in the barn," FSU coach Jimbo Fisher said Thursday, after the Seminoles wrapped up their final full practice in advance of Saturday's home opener against Murray State. "It was a good polish day. I really liked the attitude. I thought our guys were really focused; had a lot of attention to detail. I think they're ready to play. They want to play somebody besides themselves, I know that. I'm very anxious to get out in the stadium and see what we've got."

The Seminoles open their 66th season of football in search of an 18th consecutive home-opening victory against the Racers, a Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) program which competes in the Ohio Valley Conference. Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. and the game will be broadcast on ESPN3.

Tyler Hunter comments regarding his inappropriate tweets about law enforcement officers:

"Before I take the field to represent Florida State again, I wanted to make sure I apologized for the hurtful tweets I posted on my twitter account about police officers. It was a terrible mistake and something I wish I could take back. I never meant to be hurtful and disrespectful to police officers and the families of fallen officers. I've appreciated the time the Florida State police officers have spent with me educating me about their jobs and the jobs of other officers. I've learned about the risks they take daily for our safety, the sacrifices they make and know it's not an easy job. Nothing should have caused me to quote or use words like that.

"I never meant to embarrass my teammates, my coaches, my family, the university or the alumni like that. I've learned from this and hopefully can move past this so I can represent Florida State in the right way."

Jimbo Fisher commenting on Hunter and his apology:

"I want to put it behind us if it's ready to be put behind us. That was a major thing he [Hunter] said and did, and he knows he was wrong. That's why I wanted to make sure he understood and got enough knowledge of what he was actually talking about, so he could understand the ramifications of what people go through and what happens. Those people put their lives on the line for us every day."

"I think he has a greater appreciation for that now."

Florida State Injury Report

Starters in bold, key reserves in italics.

OL Daniel Foose Back
DL Anthony McCloud Chest
DL Moses McCray Head
DL Jacobbi McDaniel Ankle
DL Derrick Mitchell Back

WR Josh Gehres Hamstring


TE Dan Hicks Knee
RB Mario Pender Sports Hernia

Additional comments from Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher:

Working in the rainy weather throughout the preseason:

"It may rain in the game. We got some rain without lightning, which is very rare around here. You need to practice wet ball (situations). We got four or five good days of camp of wet ball drills and a couple days this week, which is very important. ... Our kids handled it for the most part pretty well."

"It was good to play in the wet weather."

On freshmen preparing for their first game week:

"It's interesting. I think as it got closer and closer, realizing there's a game - they started to see their uniforms and things - those eyes started to get a little big. I think it's more excitement. Like anything, you don't know what to expect the first time. You think you know and you've wanted something your whole life and you're ready to do it and all of a sudden it's here and you go, ‘Oh, oh, oh.'"

"The look in their eye is just priceless ... when you start going over the game plan."

On own feelings revolving around first game:

"It's excitement. You remember all the hard work you do and the love of the game again. The fall is my favorite time of the year. I love it for a lot of reasons but football is the main one. Also, there's a lot of sleepless nights because you always wonder, ‘Have I done this, said this, dotted I's and crossed T's,' because it's a new group of people. This is a whole new team."

"It's crazy really from a coaches standpoint because you want to make sure everything has been covered and done, and done appropriately."

On differences he sees from his seniors entering their final season:

"Those guys, there's a sense of urgency in them. I think you always see that in seniors and how they get on people and how they lead. That's the magical thing about having seniors that everyone wants - that urgency and attention to detail. It's your last go-round and you want to make sure it's right. That's why usually senior-laden teams are the ones that are very successful. Hopefully that will pay off for us."

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