Updating Florida State's Scholarship Roster Entering Fall Practice

With the news that red-shirt freshman Eric Beverly has been medically disqualified, it is high time to take a look at Florida State's 85-man scholarship roster. Beverly wasn't the same player after blowing out his knee, and with a newer injury to the opposite knee, it apparently became clear that playing football at an elite BCS level wasn't in the cards. Beverly will continue to have his schooling paid for by Florida State, but will not count against the 85-man limit (this is how a medical DQ works).

This is unofficial, as Florida State doesn't release this information.

Class Total 2012 2013 2014 2015
Pos 84 18 22 19 26
QB 5 EJ Manuel * C. Trickett* J. Coker*
S. Maguire
J. Winston
Skill 22 C. Thompson (RB) C. Abram (FB) D. Freeman (RB) M. Pender (RB)
L. Pryor (FB) J. Gehres* (WR) J. Wilder, Jr. (RB) K. Benjamin* (WR)
D. Smiley* (FB) J. Haggins (WR) C. Green* (WR) M. Bracy (WR)
R. Smith (WR) K. Shaw (WR) R. Greene (WR) C. Kourtizidis (TE)
G. Dent (WR) W. Tye* (TE)
W. Haulstead (WR) N. O'Leary (TE)
D. Hicks* (TE)
K. Haplea (TE)
O-Line 15 J. Fahrenkrug (G) B. Stork* (T/C/G) D. Foose* (T) R. Carter (G)*
D. Glauser (T) H. Orelus* (G/T) B. Hart (T) T. Pettis (G*
G. Faircloth* (GT) J. Matias (G)
M. Watson (T) T. Jackson (G)
A. Barron (C)
S. Lovelady (C)
C. Erving* (T)
O-Total 42 7 12 14 9
D-Line 17 J. McDaniel (DT) D. McAllister* (DT) T. Jernigan (DT) N. Lawrence (DT)*
E. Dawkins* (DT) B. Werner (DE) G. Newberry (DE)*
M. McCray* (DT) D. Mitchell (DT)*
A. McCloud* (DT) C. Casher (DE)
B. Jenkins (DE) M. Edwards, Jr. (DE)
C. Carradine (DE) J.Shanks (DT)
T. Stevens* (DE) E. Goldman (DT)
LB 8 V. Williams* C. Jones N. Terrell* Ter. Smith*
N. Moody* Tel. Smith M. Eligwe

R. Northrup
DB 13 X. Rhodes* (CB) N. Waisome (CB) L. Brutus (DB)*
L. Joyner (S) T. Hunter (DB) K. Smith (DB)*
T. Brooks (S) K. Williams (S) PJ Williams
G. Demps* (S) C. Blake
J. Bright* (S) R. Darby
D-Total 38 9 9 5 15
ST 5 D. Hopkins (K) C. Revell (holder) C. Beatty (P)
Dellenbach (DS) R. Aguayo (K)

Some notes:

A "*" denotes a player having used his redshirt.

* This is the first time I can remember in which FSU will carry five scholarship players on the special teams.

* Florida State is now carrying five tight ends. I believe this is the highest proportion of tight ends to total skill players since Jimbo Fisher's arrival in 2007. I do believe that Florida State is looking to use more two-tight sets.

* One look at the freshmen defensive linemen and it is pretty easy to see why some recruits might be apprehensive about coming, particularly those who are very interested in early playing time.

* Again, this is an unofficial list. I don't believe you'll find a better one out there unless you work for the school, but I am definitely open to suggestions and debate. Please do chime in.

* I'll be updating FSU's minimum recruiting needs item within the week to reflect the recent changes.

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