Florida State Football Press Conference: Jimbo Fisher, EJ Manuel On Wake, Clemson

Fresh off the 52-0 beatdown of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Jimbo Fisher and EJ Manuel took to the podium Monday to discuss that win, along with the huge upocoming game against the Clemson Tigers.

Florida State opened as a 13-point favorite over the Tigers, and the line is as high as 14 points at some places.

ESPN has elected to six-day option #FSU at #USF. We will not know the kickoff time for six days, but do know it will NOT be Noon.

Here is the video. Click inside for the full recap.

Click inside for instant recap!

Fisher's Notes:

  • The first failed run on goal line is a missed cut on the front-side B-Gap.
  • Tyler Hunter played great in the slot.
  • Passing issues were a combination of receivers, QB, line and blitz pickup.
  • Team needs to focus on the most important thing Saturday: the game
  • Program needs to get to where College Gameday is no big deal because program is playing in a lot of big games.
  • Wake and Clemson do many of the same things on offense.
  • Clemson has great offensive skill players and is very well coached.
  • The diversity and balance worries Fisher most about Clemson's offense. He gushed about the Tigers' offense.
  • Fisher said Sammy Watkins is maybe the most impactful freshman since Herschel Walker, but later said he may have skipped over a few players.
  • Fisher on operating in shadow of the SEC "No. We're Florida State. We're not operating in the shadow of nobody." #Noles #FSU
  • Fisher talked about how Chris Thompson is maybe the strongest guy pound-for-pound on the team, great person, dependable, etc.
  • Thompson is great at reading blocks, makes everyone else around him look better.
  • "I think it is. We plan on being back. It's always good for the game [to have traditional powers back]."
  • Fisher said the blocking on runs was great, but was disgusted by the blocking on bubbles. His face there was ridiculous.
  • Fisher on WR blocking: "Scooter cuts the safety, Benjamin blocks the corner to our bench, and Kenny Shaw [walls off] down the sideline."
  • Fisher: we're not running out of our cuts well enough. Said Manuel was "solid." Two receivers missed signals at the line. Two early missed blocks hurt the passing game.
  • Manuel ran the option well and that took Wake out of the blitz early.
  • Fisher on 3rd down success: pressured the pocket, ability to man up, playing situations smart.
  • Fisher on newfound defensive discipline: growing up, understanding your job, not trying to do too much, and trust.
  • Menelik Watson is "full go."
  • "Pretty pleased" with backup RT Daniel Glauser after a rough start in first series of first start of career.

Manuel's Notes

  • The running game makes his life easier. He is very happy about having a running game.
  • Manuel gave an awesome display of coach speak to six or seven questions in a row. It's as if he is trying to not say anything at all.
  • Manuel doesn't like running the option because he gets hit every time. But he did acknowledge they ran it well Saturday.
  • Honestly not sure if Manuel doesn't like running & thinks he is a pro-style passer, or if he doesn't want to tell Clemson he'll be running.
  • Manuel says the line is communicating better in 2012 as far as protections and assignments. Bud: Helps if the offensive line doesn't have 10 different starters and can develop some continuity.
  • Manuel knew Clemson QB Boyd since middle school. Doesn't remember if 6'0 Boyd played basketball (Manuel was hoops star)
  • Manuel likes Rashad Greene scoring TDs on punt returns, though it does take away from offensive stats.
  • Manuel has a real appreciation for FSU's defensive line, as they get to him daily in practice.
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