Loooong time Nole's fan has beef with ACC ref's

My Father attended Florida State, and I've been on campus more then most students, so my family are die hard Nole's.

Recently, Tomahawk Nation did an article on how the ACC tends to lean against FSU with the officials. While it's easy to overlook evidence when your teams wins, it should be made clear that these ref's cannot be calling an even game. If players or coaches say ANYTHING that even sounds remotely critical against the ref's the ACC/NCAA comes down hard, so people like Jimbo say nothing while the fire still burns the town down.

While watching our win over Clemson this past weekend, I noticed a number of bad spots or "ticky-tack" calls, and it reminded me very much of last year's win over Miami where the calls were the worst I've ever seen, but since it was a win, again, it was easy to overlook.

The following is an email my father wrote who is a die hard Seminole, but also the calmest, smartest, and most educated man I know:


I just finished watching the replay of the Clemson game. One of the aspects of the game that REALLY p'ed me off was the continued belligerence from the ACC refs against FSU. From the stands it was apparent that this negativity toward FSU has transcended incompetence and has now risen to the level of outright decadence. Now, having reviewed the game and the calls, I am completely convinced that this has now evolved in such a way as to overtly change the outcome of the game. The "no-calls" were as bad as the "calls". The ACC can no longer ignore this flagrant behavior – the ACC MUST take some action and it starts with Jimbo’s protest.

Regarding Green’s punt fumble: The rule is that when a player calls for a fair catch the punt coverage MUST give him "fair" latitude to make the catch. One of the Clemson players was literally on the ground brushing up against Greens left ankle and could have legitimately been called for a personal foul. That part is arguable. What is NOT arguable is the rule…

No opponent may interfere with the fair catcher, the ball, or his path to the ball.

That means that if the receiver needs to move ANYWHERE, forward or back, to catch the ball, the opponent MUST get out of his way. Green was NOT given the latitude to move to the ball. He needed to step forward but could not because of another oncoming Clemson gunner. Instead Green reached forward to catch the ball away from his body. The resulting fumble HAD to be disallowed by rule, yet the refs let it stand resulting in a short field and 7 Clemson points.

Anyone who saw the replay of Clemson’s fake field goal where the refs awarded Clemson the first down and thinks that it was "too close to call" is living in a fantasy world. The ball carrier’s forward progress NEVER got within a foot of the 1st down marker as the replay shot straight down the 1st down line CLEARY and INDISPUTABLY demonstrated. Replays serve no function if the refs refuse to admit they made a bad call. Result: 7 Clemson points.

Perhaps the most flagrant call of the 1st half was on the final drive. Down by 7 with no timeouts and 22 second left in the Red Zone, FSU had a 3rd and 1 from the 14. The refs called a false start on #75, the left end. I have rewound that snap at least 20 times. There was absolutely NO MOVERMENT by #75 (or ANY other lineman) prior to the snap.

If I was trying to sabotage FSU, this was the perfect time for this perfect penalty. The loads yardage was bad enough but worse, by rule it also rolled off 10 seconds on the clock. It was nothing less than a brilliant strategy for refs trying to change the outcome of the game. Going from 3rd and 1 from the 14 with 22 seconds to 3rd and 6 from the 19 with 12 seconds obviously changed the entire dynamic of the scenario. If FSU could have made the 1 yard for the 1st they would have had at least 3 opportunities for the TD. But this forged penalty changed all of that to one panicked play and a missed field goal.

In the 3Q, the ONLY reason #20 Joiner did not score on his 90 yard kickoff return is because Clemson’s #9 spun him completely around 360 degrees by his helmet. In another shot from the end zone Joiner’s chin is completely twisted around touching his right shoulder pad – that doesn’t happen if he’s being tackled by the pads. From 66 rows up in the alumni stands it was obvious. On camera it was indisputable. On the field, it was not worth noting by ANY of the ACC refs, including the sideline official who was less than 5 yards away and staring DIRECTLY at the penalty…

The score was Clemson- 31, FSU- 28 at 2:44 in the 3Q. FSU was driving and had 2nd and 1 from 22. EJ handed the ball to Thompson who shed 7 would-be tacklers and fought his way all the way into the end zone for the go ahead score. Clearly FSU had the momentum with three unanswered TDs. Clemson was in deep trouble. So once again, the refs came to their rescue. Thompson’s TD was called back because of a holding call.

It’s bad enough that the ref did not indicate who committed the hold. Herbstreit thought he heard the ref say #35, but no one could see a hold by O’Leary. So I reran the play no less than 30 times looking at every FSU player on the screen.

The ref said the hold was at the 15. NOTHING happened at the 15 except Thompson breaking tackles. At the 12, FSU’s #75 was engaged with Clemson’s #46. From every angle it looked like a clean block, and in fact #46 actually had his arms around Thompson. If #75 was holding it was not apparent and it obviously did not do any good.

After the penalty #75 gimped back to the huddle hurt, so ABC had plenty of time to find the hold and show it to us. There was only one problem, there was no hold to show. But this was the go ahead score. The refs HAD to do something and this was at least as good as a no-call facemask to stop an FSU TD. The flag came out, the score was taken off the board, and once again the Tigers were back in the lead.

This was the turning point in the officiating. I firmly believe that EJ and the Noles had finally had enough of these jack___es masquerading as officials. As if to say, "Shove this up your biased ____", EJ and the Noles promptly came back on the next play with a 25 yard strike to Rodney Smith in the end zone. Did anyone notice the grimace on the ref’s face when he had to announce that the flag on the play was against Clemson for pass interference? He was obviously hoping for another penalty against FSU, but alas, it was not to be. This was a statement play by the Noles. It told the Clemson Tigers, the refs, and every person in Doak Campbell Stadium that the Noles were not going to be denied this game, no matter what.

That final penalty against FSU clearly exposed what the refs were doing. They want us to believe that Clemson played 3 quarters of flawless, penalty-free football. So from that point forward:

0:51 3Q, Clemson was called for their FIRST penalty of the night (are you kidding me?)… pass interference against Clemson’s #21 who literally mugged a wide open #1 Benjamin to keep him from scoring again. There was no getting around this, it was a flagrant penalty, it HAD to be called. It was over, the refs could not prop-up Clemson any longer.

13:16 4Q Holding, against Clemson

8:41 4Q Ineligible receiver downfield, against Clemson

8:34 4Q Illegal Substitution, against Clemson

2:11 4Q Offsides, against Clemson

This is no accident. It is obvious. It is flagrant. It is common. It has been going on for WAY too long. It MUST stop. This North Carolina ACC good ol’ boy bias and cheating has got to be squashed.


Obviously, these are the words of a man who cannot stand what MANY of us have said before.

In the bowl game against Notre Dame, we had BIG12 ref's and they called what looked like the cleanest game ever. I saw no phantom holds, the video reviews were quick, and orderly, and most important, correct!

Someone with the voice loud enough to be heard need to be shouting this from a mountain that the ACC ref's are as bad as the current NFL replacements.


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