FSU: "Conventional wisdom is Fool's Gold"

I think we can all agree that the win against Clemson was thrilling, satisfying, and an enormous statement to the rest of the college football world. No one can say this team hasn't faced adversity. But when we talk about adversity, it isn't limited to a handful of neat trick plays and a muffed punt or some missed field goals. In fact, if you look at any one of the oft-repeated adages of Football Wisdom, FSU had no business winning this game, let alone putting it into garbage time halfway through the fourth. Disclaimer: I do not necessarily agree with any of these, and obviously they are never iron-clad. But it is interesting to look at.

CONVENTIAL WISDOM A) "The team that scores first wins the game X% of the time."

I'm too lazy to look up the stat, but we've all heard this one. Needless to say, we did our part in debunking it... but I will concede that it certainly didn't help anything for Brooks to get smoked for a big pass like that in the opening minutes.


CONVENTIAL WISDOM 2) "The team that scores before the half wins X% of the time."

I saw this one a couple times last season and a fellow TNer mentioned it last week as well. It appears legit. If either team scores within two minutes of the half, it is a humongous momentum boost and the stat for winning was pretty crazy (85% if I recall?) Now, of course niether team scored within two minutes of the break, thanks to our 1st half kicking woes, but we DID cough the ball up and give them the field position for a lay-up to go ahead by 7, and that still stood by halftime. They also scored AGAIN after the half which further cements this advantage. Big swing for clemson, yet from where I stand, our big win leaves the score at FSU 2, CW 0.

CONVENTIONAL WISDOM D) The team that wins the turnover battle is likely to win a contested game.

It wasn't by much, but we did lose the turnover battle. Our muffed punt and the wonky leg bounce snap fumble, vs Clemson's egregious INT that basically iced the game. If you count missed field goals as turnovers it's even worse. Bear in mind that the snap fumble and the Boyd INT were almost back to back plays. But at the end of the day Clemson did win the turnover battle, and FSU won the game convincingly. FSU 3 - CW 0

And finally -

TRADITIONAL TRUTHITUDE CIMARRON) "The team that commits few (or no) penalties will likely win a contested game over a heavy-penalized opponent"

There's no getting around this one, we got crushed in the penalty department. 11 penalties in THE game of the year? Inexcusable. No blaming the ACC refs this time, we just played sloppy.

And yet despite all of this, FSU wins a bigtime football game in a bigtime, comeback, avalache way. To me, that says a lot about the talent, heart, and determination of this football team. It's what makes me believe we really can challenge the likes of Bama. Clean this game up and catch a few breaks, and it's a total boat race. This win is what we all needed to see; we exorcised an old demon Saturday night on national television. We all know too well that feeling of, "oh crap, this one is getting away from us, too many mistakes." It was the death knell for Seminole teams the last 12 seasons. Well the bell tolled again this time, and the team went out there and WILLED it back for us... in decisive fashion. Excellent win guys.

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