Florida State Football Press Conference: Jimbo Fisher & EJ Manuel On Murray State

Sept 1, 2012; Tallahassee, Florida, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback E.J. Manuel (3) during the game against the Murray State Racers at Doak Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

Florida State opened up its season in style with a 69-3 win over the Murray State Racers. At Noon Monday, head coach Jimbo Fisher will discuss the win, the progress of the team, and any upcoming games. He'll be followed by quarterback EJ Manuel.

Updates will come on this page in this spot. Full video available at the end of the post.

  • Fisher said that the offensive line was very good with its assignments, teamwork and everything, really. He was very encouraged about the offensive line play. Read more about this here.
  • FSU will MRI Brandon Jenkins' foot bruise today. The hope is that it is just a bruise.
  • Nick O'Leary has a thigh bruise.
  • Amp McCloud (pectoral) may return to practice this week, but that is not a certainty. Do not be surprised if FSU holds him again.
  • Freshmen Colin Blake, Markuss Eligwe, Marvin Bracy and Justin Shanks are almost certain to redshirt.
  • ~ "Who would he play ahead of? Jenkins, Carradine, Bjoern?," Fisher said on the decision to redshirt Mario Edwards Jr. He also praised Newberry and Toshmon Stevens. Fisher does not want to burn Edwards' freshman year for less than 100 snaps in a year. Fisher said the redshirt year will allow him to get his weight down a bit and mature as a player. Fisher is still very high on Edwards.
  • On Edwards dressing for the game: it's the player's choice. Fisher said there was a "situation" last week, but that he expects Edwards to dress for week two. Fisher didn't elaborate on the situation...
  • "We are now seeing the real James Wilder," Fisher said. He talked about how much Wilder loves to play and be at practice.
  • Jimbo said the receivers were "solid," but did not seem too happy with them from reading his body language.
  • Fisher said the receivers need to improve their attention to detail, including splits, spacing, etc. These are things that can be evaluated regardless of opponent. Other details included the length of routes. They all add up. Two incompletions were directly attributable to that Saturday. Fisher later added that he is being picky.
  • On kicking it through the end zone or attempting to pin: it depends on the returner and the speed advantage. A 4.1 hang time allows the team an advantage, theoretically. Fisher said it can result in up to a 12-yard advantage compared to giving the opponent the ball at the 25 via the kickoff. Read more about this concept here.
  • Fisher said Hopkins missed his spot 2-3 times, despite excellent results.
  • Fisher praised senior Toshmon Stevens for being a force on special teams. He has the arms to separate from blocks, the strength, and great speed.
  • Christian Jones played very well, Nick Moody played "OK." He expects Moody to improve. Terrance Smith and Reggie Northrup (redshirt freshman and freshman, respectively) received praise as well.
  • Fisher wants another 1-A game, and not two 1-AAs. He suggested Bowling Green or Nevada, but recognizes the price for bringing in those teams has gone up a lot. Also noted road games don't net the school any money, and that the school has bills to pay.
  • On Savannah State: FSU will get its players the reps they need, but if it gets out of hand the backups will also get a lot of experience.
  • Fisher said buyouts must increase. Note: 2013 opponent Nevada very well could buy out of the 2013 game, leaving FSU high and dry again.
  • Jimbo says schools are not driving expansion, TV is.
  • Fisher said EJ Manuel was solid. Fisher liked his checks and how he was decisive and found his third and fourth option. Fisher said he has not seen him do that before. Fisher thought he was much calmer in the pocket.
  • On the interception: KB backside post corner front triangle off PA, Kenny was read No. 1. Kelvin Benjamin ran the wrong route on the backside, but was open.
  • "Clint has a really good grasp of what we're doing," Fisher said. He made some good decisions and hit the backside on one ball to Rodney Smith. And he is throwing it accurately.
  • Lonnie Pryor and Bjoern Werner were the players of the game.
  • Fisher on new kickoff rule: "it might have enhanced the problem [of safety]. You're going to have more big bodies flying down there in limited space."
  • Fisher does not like the new helmet rule. At all. Prays that the 10 second runoff due to penalty won't end the game for a team that has a QB scramble late, gets legally hit and blasted, helmet flies off, and the game is over because it was under 10 seconds. Fisher called it ridiculous. He said it has no bearing and can impact the game.

Among topics on which we'll be looking to hear:

  • The status of defensive end Brandon Jenkins' foot. Jenkins sustained a deep bruise when he was stepped on. X-rays were negative, but we'll be looking to hear about MRI results if the MRI has already been done. There doesn't appear to be reason to worry about Jenkins, but you never know. 19 days until Clemson.
  • How FSU will handle the upcoming game against Savannah State, perhaps the worst team FSU has played in 30+ years.
  • Not much else, because we just spoke with Fisher 48 hours ago.
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