Florida State Football First Look: N.C. State Wolfpack

Florida State travels to Raleigh Saturday to take on the N.C. State Wolfpack at 8 p.m. on ESPN2. Here's a look at N.C. State's most recent game.

See: N.C. State finds a way to lose

What State did well...

Move the ball without both of its starting offensive tackles, who didn't make the trip, and without its best guard, who was injured in the game. Now, Miami's defense has no pass rushers or cover guys, or anyone who could even come close to starting for Florida State, but it was impressive nonetheless given the missing personnel.

On the day, State gained 664 yards of offense on 88 plays, which is good for 7.5 yards/play (FSU had 9 yards/play by comparison against Clemson). Included in that was 243 yards rushing on 44 non-sack carries, good for an average of 5.5/carry. Again, Miami's defense is horrid, and N.C. State is unlikely to come close to duplicating that type of success against Florida State, even at home.

Kick a 50-yard field goal.

What N.C. State did poorly/ random things happening to them...

Defense. As in, allowing 566 passing yards. Granted, 140 of it was on some very strange stuff, but it still happened. Unfortunately for FSU, it's unlikely to occur again. Or, well, at least not to that extent. I do think State's secondary should stop with the "best in the ACC" stuff.

Miami caught some huge breaks, particularly with fumble luck, just as it did against Boston College. Again, fumble recovery is largely luck and not a skill. Miami recovered four of the five fumbles in the game, and that was the difference. N.C. State did not hold on to the ball well, but that's not exactly something that you'd expect to translate to the Florida State game.

In one play, we see N.C. State jump offsides, it appears to be encroachment, the Wolfpack stops playing thinking the play has been blown dead. It wasn't, Miami played on, and tossed the 76-yard touchdown to a receiver running uncovered. This isn't necessarily bad defensive technique, it's just a lack of awareness and not something likely to be repeated against the Seminoles since it is pretty rare.

Speaking of the fumble luck, the Hurricanes got the big fumble recovery on their own goal line before the half (0:30 mark in video).

NC State also snapped the ball over Glennon's head from its own 8 resulting in a safety.

On 4th down, N.C. State jumps offsides while Miami is kicking a field goal. This gives the Hurricanes first down and goal from the three, on which State lets them score. It was just one of those days for the Wolfpack.

But they weren't done.

At the 1:32 mark, you can see (and wait for the replay) N.C. State's defender attempt the interception only to have the ball bounce off his hands/facemask and right to Miami's receiver for a touchdown.

And on 3rd-&-11, N.C. State misses two sacks on QB Morris, who makes some nice moves, and somehow Miami's WR is lost by three N.C. State defenders and the bomb wins it for Miami. Unbelievable breakdown by the secondary. 63 yards.

On the lucky side for State, Miami did miss three field goals.

Basically, I am saying a lot of weird, random things happened down in Miami that went against the Wolfpack. This team is definitely better than its record. On a down-to-down basis, they outplayed Miami, but football is a sport of great variance and the team that plays better and more consistently does not always win.

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