Florida State, Jimbo Fisher Announce New Offensive Coordinator



(Yes, I did just troll you for clicks, sorry)

January 24, 2013

Head Coach Jimbo Fisher is proud to announce the hiring of Lance Harbor as Florida State’s new Quarterback Coach and Offensive Coordinator. Harbor is tabbed to replace the recently departed James Coley who left for Miami earlier this morning. Most expected Coach Fisher to move quickly, but even insiders were surprised by how swift Coach Fisher moved in on his number one target.

"Very excited to add Lance to the staff, a great opportunity to enhance our program," said Coach Fisher, "he’s going to bring a high energy work ethic to our program and we're very excited about it." Losing James Coley was a tough blow to the Noles, but they feel they found their guy in Harbor. "[Lance] is a guy that is going to come in and be a tremendous asset to our players, he understands what it takes to win, understands process and the importance of execution," Coach Fisher continued, "he’s really going to connect on the recruiting trail and really opens up Texas to our program. He’s got a passion for his coaching and is really invested in seeing his players improve. He did some great things at the college level at a very young age and took that success to a highly competitive high school and blew away the competition. Lance relayed to me it’s been a dream of his to wear Garnet & Gold and I couldn't be more excited to get him to Tallahassee as our next Offensive Coordinator." As most of you may remember, Lance had a ride (read: scholarship) to Florida State in 1999 and was set to become one of the next great Quarterbacks following Heisman winner Chris Weinke.

"I had a dream last night. We were beating Miami 21-3. But I woke up kind of sad, but then I realized it was only a dream… We’re going to beat Miami by way more than that," Harbor said with a grin, "Back in 1999 I had opportunity to come to Tallahassee after high school and unfortunately my injury kept me closer to home. I get to be a part of a legendary program, coach outstanding young men and try to win Championships year after year. I’m very grateful to the West Canaan community and all my assistant coaches, that being said I couldn't be happier about joining the Seminole family." Harbor comes from a strong football pedigree and is well known for his exploits as the star quarterback for the West Canaan Coyotes. He’s expected to bring a very fast paced, spread offense to Tallahassee and is very excited about the opportunity to work with the current Florida State offensive roster. Some are concerned the 31 year old may become a liability on campus as the entire Tri-Delt sorority was already seen in whip cream bikinis this afternoon.

In 2004 Harbor jumped at the opportunity to return to West Canaan to become the Head Coach of the Coyotes (that Bud Kilmer statue still stands today, by the way). He lead the Coyotes to a 32-0 record over the first two years, taking home two State Titles. Along the way the Coyotes lead all Texas high schools in offense and quarterback Kyle Moxon set state records for passing yards (5,230) and touchdowns (72). Most considered Harbor a lock to become the next Bud Kilmer as he continued to set the state on fire with his high speed, spread offense which he coined the "Oopty-Oop." There were a couple hiccups along the way that may have kept him off most college's radar for open positions. His alleged involvement in former high school teammate Charlie Tweeder's "College Girls of Texas" DVD series stood out above the rest.

During his collegiate career, Harbor attended Texas State University where he tried to rehab his knee but never made his way onto the field, instead he took the opportunity to become a GA (2003) and work with the quarterbacks. His unorthodox training drills of having his quarterbacks knock cans off of teammates heads was seen as a waste of time by some, but the accuracy Texas St QB's displayed was off the charts. He credits most of his knowledge to then Head Coach Paul Blake and his, "a**hole father, Joe Harbor."

As a high school Junior, Harbor burst onto the scene at quarterback quickly becoming one of the top recruits in the state and one of the most sought after recruits in the nation. Unfortunately, the 1995-1999 Coyotes had all their wins vacated due to a Bud Kilmer related point shaving scandal which rocked Texas high school football. He was Florida State bound before a freak knee injury sidelined his career.

Darcy Sears could not be reached for comment.

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