Florida State NFL draft updates

Which Florida State players will leave for the NFL and where will they be drafted? Bookmark this story stream to follow along until April's draft!

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On Menelik Watson entering the NFL Draft

Menelik Watson will enter the NFL draft as expected, a source confirmed to Warchant Monday.

The massive right tackle was expected to turn pro, but Florida State's staff did want to convince Watson to stay.

Watson is such an interesting story, and we barely knew him at Florida State. I was able to interview him just once, briefly, after the Orange Bowl due to Florida State's policy that prevents first-year players from speaking with the media.

Watson came to Florida State by way of junior college, to which he came by way of boxing, to which he came by way of playing basketball at Marist University, and he's originally from England. Most interesting background on the Florida State team? Absolutely.

Should Watson go pro? It depends. He mentioned his family after the Orange Bowl, and I'll never begrudge a player for taking care of his family.

Is Watson ready to start in the NFL? Probably not. Physically, he's a freak. But he's only played one true year of D1 football.

But man is he a physical freak, and he will shoot up draft boards as he wows scouts at the combine and in personal workouts.

I think the decision to turn pro is a good one. Watson is already 25 years old (I think, having graduated from high school in 2006). To have a chance to earn two NFL contracts, he should get his pro clock started as soon as possible. Even if he isn't making a ton of money immediately, he will be paid to learn the game. And every team in the league will salivate at the thought of working with a 6'6, 320-pound monster like Watson.

I think he has a shot to be drafted in the first 100 picks.


Jones undecided, will discuss with family

Florida State linebacker Christian Jones released this statement via his Facebook page:

In the next couple of weeks I have to make a decision to come back for my senior season at FSU or enter the NFL draft. I have yet to make any decision on what I am going to do yet, but I know whatever decision I do come to that it will be the best for me. While I'm home for the next couple of days I will talk to my family and I know they will help guide me with the best decision possible.


Lamarcus Joyner returns to FSU for senior season

Junior safety will finish out his career in Seminole secondary.

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