Florida State Football: The Hidden Yards v. Boston College

Jim Rogash

It was not a pretty game by any means, but the Noles pulled one out on the road. The Hidden Yardage stat gives us a look at what happened in the game.

Let's take a look at the hidden yards and some other stats from the Florida State Boston College game on Saturday. I was a little apprehensive to write this because I knew it was going to be a bit ugly, and it kind of is. This was the first game of the season that Jameis Winston played on every drive.

Florida State's Offense
Result Possible Gained Plays Per Play % Gained
Punt 75 -11 3 -3.67 0%
FIELD GOAL 75 53 7 7.57 71%
Punt 75 5 3 1.67 7%
TOUCHDOWN 75 75 2 37.50 100%
Punt 81 8 3 2.67 10%
TOUCHDOWN 80 80 7 11.43 100%
TOUCHDOWN 60 60 3 20.00 100%
TOUCHDOWN 75 75 9 8.33 100%
TOUCHDOWN 60 60 9 6.67 100%
FIELD GOAL 83 80 9 8.89 96%
Touchdown 0 0 0 0 0
Interception 75 29 7 4.14 39%
Punt 54 -5 3 -1.67 -10%
Totals 868 509 65 7.8 59%

  • 7.8 yards per play before garbage time. Well the weakness of this team certainly is not the offense. Boston College is a much improved team from last year and this offensive performance was phenomenal. They got off to a slow start but they put together some explosive drives and climbed out a 14 point deficit to win the game by 14. The Noles put together 4 straight touchdown drives to help them rally and put the game away.
  • Florida State's average starting field position was atrocious for much of the game, but the Williams' pick changed that. Their average starting field position was on their own 33 yard line. The best starting field position they had the whole game was on their own 40 (obviously Williams' pick skews this), which happened twice (both of these drives were touchdowns). This just goes to show how explosive the offense is if they were able to accumulate 41 points on 11 drives.
  • Florida State had 3 explosive drives (drives of 10 ypp or higher). One of these included a 55 yard bomb from Jameis Winston to Kenny Shaw to end the first half. I'll just leave this here: Fsubomb_medium

    via cdn1.sbnation.com

  • The Noles only gained 63% of possible yards in this contest. That's their lowest mark of the season. They could do a little better with the efficiency on their drives. A better running game against BC and this is probably a different story.
Florida State's Defense
Result Possible Gained Plays Per Play % Gained
TOUCHDOWN 36 36 8 4.50 100%
TOUCHDOWN 75 75 10 7.50 100%
FIELD GOAL 63 55 8 6.88 87%
Punt 75 20 4 5.00 27%
Punt 40 0 3 0.00 0%
Punt 75 2 3 0.67 3%
FIELD GOAL 25 19 6 3.17 76%
Punt 86 15 5 3.00 17%
TOUCHDOWN 79 79 5 15.80 100%
Interception 84 0 3 0.00 0%
TOUCHDOWN 75 75 7 10.71 100%
Interception 64 43 11 3.91 67%
End of half 80 12 2 6 15%
Totals 857 431 75 5.75 54%

  • The defense allowed 5.75 yards per play before garbage time. That is not very good, at least when it's put up the expectations of this being a top 25 defense. Boston College did a very good job running the ball against FSU. BC also successfully ran a few trick plays that FSU bit badly on. The defense did eventually settle down, make some adjustments, and turned the game around by only giving up 3 points on 5 drives while FSU's offense was surging. They also created a few turnovers towards the end of the game to keep it from getting out of hand.
  • FSU's special teams were pretty awful. Cason Beatty made some really bad punts that gave BC good starting field position. The coverage on some of the kickoffs and punts was pretty bad as they allowed a few really big gains in the game. Lamarcus Joyner saved what was going to be a touchdown return at one point of the game. Aguayo had a decent game converting all his extra points and field goals. He probably needs to figure out to get a little more air under his kickoffs to give the coverage team more time to get down field.
Boston College's average starting field position was on their own 34 yard line. The Williams interception was a major field position changer in this one. FSU usually has a large advantage in field position, but it was not the case here.

We'll have another article on this next week after the contest against Maryland which will be at Noon on ESPN in Doak Campbell Stadium.
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