Revisiting the Perfect Season for FSU.

I couple of weeks ago I made a fanpost looking at the Top 10 and their remaining schedule for the year. Let's revisit that to see how I am doing so far.


#1 Alabama v. Colorado St. Win

#2 Oregon BYE

#3 Clemson @ NC State. Win.

#4 Ohio State v. FAMU Win

#5 Stanford v. #23 Arizona State Win

#6 LSU v. Auburn Win

#7 Louisville v. FIU Win

#8 FSU v. Bethune Cookman Win

#9 UGA v. North Texas Win

#10 Texas A&M v. SMU Win

Week 4 Recap. Everyone in the Top 10 wins. The only movement would be #8 FSU in front of #7 Louisville.

(I was wrong about FSU jumping Louisville at this point, but all of the wins were correct.)

Week 5

#1 Alabama v. #21 Ole Miss Win

#2 Oregon v. California Win

#3 Clemson v. Wake Forest Win

#4 Ohio State v. #24 Wisconsin Win

#5 Stanford at Washington State Win

#6 LSU @ #9 UGA Win

#7 FSU @ Boston College Win

#8 Louisville BYE

#9 UGA v. #6 LSU Win

#10 Texas A&M at Arkansas Win

Week 5 Recap- LSU losing to UGA moves foward to #6. FSU Stays at #7.

(All the wins were correct. UGA did jump into the #6 spot, jumping #8 FSU and #7 Louisville)

Week 6

#1 Alabama v. Georgia St. Win

#2 Oregon @ Colorado Win

#3 Clemson @ Syracuse Win

#4 Ohio State @ #18 Northwestern Win

#5 Stanford v. #17 Washington Win

#6 UGA at Tennessee Win

#7 FSU v. Maryland Win

#8 Lousiville at Temple Win

#9 Texas A&M BYE

#10 LSU @ Miss St. Win

Week 6 Recap- No movement for anyone.

(UGA playing a close overtime game to Tennessee, and FSU dismanteling Maryland allows FSU to jump into the #6 spot. UGA is #7 and Louisville is #8)

Week 7

#1 Alabama at Kentucky Win

#2 Oregon @ #17 Washinhgton Win

#3 Clemson v. Boston College Win

#4 Ohio State BYE

#5 Stanford @ Utah Win

#6 UGA v. Missouri Win


#8 Lousiville v. Rutgers Win

#9 Texas A&M at #21 Ole Miss Win

#10 LSU v. #19 Florida Win

Week 7 Recap- I think Louisville's weak schedule catches up to them this week and they get jumped by Texas A&M and LSU.

(After watching Washington play Stanford last week it made me reconsider the Oregon v. Washington game. I still think that Oregon wins., BUT does Washington give Oregon a scare and does Clemson beat up a decent Boston College team enough to give Clemson the needed 65 points in the polls to allow them to get jumped? Does Clemson get the extra votes to jump Oregon because of the Game of the Week on the 19th against FSU? I am not sure. Would it surprise me? No. Do I think it will happen. Probably not.--- So to this point I am off in the top 10 by just 2 teams. FSU is #6 and UGA is #7. Can you blame me though? Who would have known that FSU would blowout then #25 Maryland and unranked Tenn would take UGA to overtime?)

We will learn alot about this FSU team on the 19th.

College Gameday

08:00pm kickoff

The biggest game in the ACC since 1997

National Championship Implications

Does FSU rise to the occasion?

Does Jameis Winston continue putting up video game numbers?

Does he secure the signature win that is needed to win the Heisman?

There is so many questions, and alot of speculation. The game looks like it will be #3 Clemson v. #6 FSU. It could be #2 Clemson v. #6 FSU, and the best case scenario is #2 Clemson v. #5 FSU, depending on what happens to Oregon.

On a side note- I work at the hotel that the team stays at for home games. I have had the plesure of working every home game so far (The Friday night the team is here, and then the Saturday after the game) I have also had the plessure of going to evey home game so far.

The fans that are staying at the hotel are on edge and are starting to believe in this team again. I was talking to one guest who has been a Nole fan for many many years. We were talking about Jameis Winston and the maturity and poise he has shown as a RS Freshman.

He told me how the night before the Maryland game they were talking. He went on to tell me the story but what stood out to me was this. He was telling Jamies how he is 73 years old, has cancer on his left ear, and does not know how much longer he will be around to watch FSU. He said Jamies was very focused on what he was saying, he described to Winston how he had been at the bowl games in the Dynasty years, and rode the storm of the Lost Decade. He told Jameis that there was one thing that he wanted before he died. That was simply to play in the Rose Bowl. He told me that Jameis looked at him and very calmly and simply replied with "I will take you there sir." Just hearing the story gave me goosebumps. It made me even more excited. I tell you what Tomahawk Nation, this could be our year. We could return to greatness. Go Noles!! Beat Clemson!!

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