ACC versus the computers week Skin the Kitty Cats edition

Last week was a decent week for the ACC. GT was the only let down last week in the ACC other wise everyone in the ACC did exactly what they were supposed to do. Stanford losing was awesome I have been playing around a bit and I think its possible that Oregon no longer has a lock on number 1 at least in a few of the computers. But, now need to keep an eye out for how the SEC is doing still don't think its likely they catch up overall in the computers but Bama can now close some of the gap that I expected for the last few weeks.

Right now FSU is ranked 1st in Colley with Clemson 2. I now feel pretty good that either of these teams will hold on to number 1 at the end of the year. Sagarin has FSU 3 and Clemson 11th. Anderson and Hester has FSU 6th and Clemson 4th. Massey has FSU 3rd and Clemson 7th. Wolfe does not release until next week and I don't bother to post the stupid Billingsley rankings.

This week in ACC matchups

Miami @ UNC. Miami has to win. Its a real bad loss if they lose but if they win the ACC is in position to have at least 4 top 15 schools at the end of the regular season.

Cuse @ GT. GT is ranked pretty high in a few and about even with Cuse in others. So I will go GT winning is better for the ACC as a whole while Cuse is better for FSU.

Maryland @ Wake. Go Turtles. Wake is still a really bad loss and Maryland is still pretty high in the computers.

Duke @ UVA. Duke winning is better but its a bad not horrible loss if UVA wins.

Old Dominion @ Pitt. Yeah Pitt winning has to happen.

FSU must seek and destroy.

Other games of note

TT @ WVU. WVU winning would be huge. First the lols that would occur but more importantly Maryland continues to look better and better which makes FSU look better and better.

uf @ Mizzou. uf needs to win this one. It knocks out one of the few true contenders left, it hurts Bama if they go undefeated and makes FSU look better. This goes for all of the SEC East teams that play against ACC teams they all need to win.

Auburn @ Texas AM. Playing around I think Auburn winning is the better result.

UCLA @ Stanford. Stanford winning is ideal now to take out another contender.

LSU @ Ole Miss. Ole Miss winning just to mess with the SEC SOS going forward.

USC @ ND. ND winning out west benefits the ACC.

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