FSU Defensive Scoring Drive Chart, YTD.


Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 11.30.11 AM (via MinnySeminole)

First time fan post, I hope you guys like it and if you do, we can have some fun with it because it only gets more telling as the year (sample size) increases.

The above chart (hopefully there's a chart above) is something we used to do when I was in the coaching grind. I loved this piece because it was an interesting talking point for both the offense and defense. You can pull some pretty straightforward info from you, and you can look for places you may be able to take advantage of your team's strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, the offense should have one of these for full comparison. I haven't done that yet, so just bare with me. This is only a sample of 4 games and will be more telling as the season goes on. I'll make sure to get an offensive chart along with the D. chart for next week.

This chart is for non garbage time only

One key thing that jumps out to me is the Scores and % of points allowed when our defense begins a drive between the opponents 20 and 30 yard lines. This to me is alarming. The sample is still relatively small, but it is by far the biggest sample size for opponents starting field position, and the % of points scored is over 50%. That's WAY too much. Over 31% of the time our opponent gets the ball there they score. And of that 31+%, 25% is them scoring TDs. Not good, needs to trend better for us.

Conversely, look at what our defense is doing when the opponent gets the ball anywhere between -30 and +40. 6 possessions, and only 1 FG to show for it. That is generally very good FP, and our D is stiffening up there. Small sample again, but still enough to take note. If I were calling the offense I would have a lot more confidence going for it on 4th and 2 or less anywhere after we get the ball at OUR -40. Of course, there are other factors here, but think about it from a play calling standpoint. If you know you're going to go for it based on field position because your D is playing well and you know they've traditionally played tough in this part of the field, think about how you can call a 3rd and calling options open up big time if you know you're going to go for it on 4th. That is an advantage for the offense.

Another thing I assume from this is that there's something going on based on where the opponent is getting the ball and how our whole defense approaches it. There's just no way that the %'s should look like they do. The D needs to take each drive seriously from the get go. If you can force a punt when the other team gets the ball at the 50, you sure as hell can when they get it at their 20...then hidden yards become a big deal and FP swings end up in your favor.

There is a lot of other stuff to pull from the chart and I'd love any feedback. My chart and math skills are only so so, but I figured the lot of you would get the gist.

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