Florida State receiver Kelvin Benjamin cites maturity, less rotation for improvement

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

I spoke with Kelvin Benjamin after Florida State's big win over the Clemson Tigers. The red-shirt sophomore has improved by leaps and bounds over where he was in 2011 and 2012.

"Just preparing, watching film, doing the things during the week, during practice, the games gonna get to be easy to you," Kelvin Benjamin said of how he got better.

Benjamin is also a more mature player this year.

"Just growing up, and not wanting the ball all the time, and letting it come to me. Not getting phased [when the ball doesn't come] and making big plays when my name does get called," Benjamin said. "I've grown up a lot with that, and really, just being a teammate."

On the tremendous touchdown catch he made to open the game, Benjamin knew what was coming. Though he wasn't the first read on the play, if Clemson played him with single coverage, Jameis Winston has the freedom to go to him down the field. And Benjamin knew he couldn't resist.

"If they were going to man me up, we were going to take a shot down the field. So they manned me up, and Jameis threw it and I made a great catch for him," Benjamin said.

"Oh, a pretty big smile," Benjamin said he had when he saw man coverage and knew that he'd get a shot downfield. "I told y'all before, I like man coverage."

Benjamin thinks he would have made the catch last year, but he says the rotation of so many receivers last year, something Tomahawk Nation repeatedly harped on, messed him up.

"I think I would have made it last year, but it was so much of me going in and out of the game, I think that really messed me up, the rotation. I really wanted to play a lot more last year. But I think I would have made the catch."

"Last year was a great team, but there was still a little separation in the team," He said. "This year we really want to win. We've come together as a complete team, and treat it like we was in the army or the military or something like that. Always being together. Always being around each other. Getting that feel for each other."

"Especially the seniors. You have to do it for the older guys who have been here when Florida State was down."

"This is my family. If we have a family reunion in like 20 years, I'm coming to it. We're coming back."

Clemson was so loud, it was absurd. And it caused laughter in the huddle.

"When we first heard the noise, actually, we started laughing," Benjamin said of the reaction to the noise when they first heard it in the huddle. "I was like 'Jameis,' and he looked at me like 'what? Bruh, I can't hear you,' and we were joking about it."

"It was right on the money," Benjamin said of the preparation and scouting of Clemson. "The coaches did a great job."

Bonus content: Jameis Winston

"Our team is legit, too legit to quit."

"Nick is an amazing player," Winston said. "We have so many assets on our offense."

"I said guys, we're not playing against noise, we're playing against the Clemson Tigers," He said when asked about the first huddle in the noise.

"We made them do things they weren't used to doing."

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