Made this pic for Miami week

Hopefully, you all will enjoy this pic. I am real excited to see what happens this week with the Miami game and, assuming we win, how that affects the polls. I'd like to take this opportunity to mention a few things that have been rattling around in my head the past few weeks.

First off, this site has been a real treasure trove of information. Some of you may recall that I came on here a few years ago asking for opinions on the program b/c I'd fallen out of touch with the program. That didn't go well because I phrased the fact I also followed Boise St. (I live in Boise now) in the wrong manner. I'm 37 and have moved from place to place in a long military career, including several trips overseas. It was only due to the fact I transferred to Active Guard that I was finally able to live somewhere longer than 4 years. Prior to that, growing up in 2 different cities in central Florida was my record, at 8 years. Due to the generational gap and living in different countries, I was very late to the blogging scene and how to use the internet to stay in touch. The night I introduced myself here was my 3rd week of blogging and I had zero idea what kind of atmosphere/culture I was walking into, and the required etiquette. So I own that, that's on me and several bloggers at this site helped explain some of that to me privately. I learned a lot about internet social interaction that night and, until now, have lurked at this page for sometime as I re-educated myself on the Seminoles.

Secondly, I still have a lot to learn. My knowledge level is such that many of you would probably call me a band wagon fan. I would not blame you. It is true that I have slowly gotten more and more excited for FSU over the years and that the excitement has been directly proportional to the success. There's no denying that and I'm honest enough to call it like it is. I also don't feel badly about it and feel it's pretty natural on my part. There's a lot of things about how Jimbo has orchestrated this program advancement I find genuinely interesting and this site has done a tremendous job of simply providing enough exposure for me to learn and get reacquainted.

Regarding our chances to get into the NCG: We probably need either Bama or Oregon to lose.

Bama has banked too much credibility over the years, but they are more susceptible to a loss this year than they were last year. They could face stiff challenges from Auburn (who always seem to play them tough), LSU (who rediscovered the fwd pass), and maybe Mizzou in the CG. Rule #1 in CFB, don't lose late in the year.

Oregon is a different story all together really. Living in the Pacific NW, I am fairly familiar with the Ducks and their raucous fanbase. If it's them we wind up facing, I can probably share some interesting opinions I have on how their offense works and why it fails at the highest levels of competition. They just routed #12 UCLA and face the soon to be #5 Cardinal next @ Stanford. They might lose that game, which would end all questions provided we do what we need to. However, there could be a second way, though unlikely and a little unfair. The Ducks will beat us in the Computer polls, too much schedule left for them and not enough for us. But, with a win over #25, a signature win over #3, and a likely signature win over #6, and a win over whatever rank we beat in the ACC CG...we could stay close in the computer polls. What this idea hinges on, though, is the human polls. #1) The nation has seen Blur Ball for several years now, Oregon is close to their ceiling in public credibility. Meanwhile, the Seminoles are just starting to ramp up. #2) The vast majority of the media lives and works on the east coast. FSU will get more exposure simply due to time zones and game times. #3) We are not so far past FSU's golden era that people don't recall how devastatingly good this team can be. So tradition could act as an excitement factor boost. All those together mean that it is POSSIBLE that FSU bleeds Oregon for votes in the human polls. This is a nightmare scenario for Oregon as the votes they begin to lose are all going to the team gaining ground on them in the polls.

A lot of people have been calling Clemson over rated. Well, having watched a small school program play very good football against a soft schedule I feel comfortable in saying the following; it doesn't matter if Clemson was over rated or under rated. We could argue about that with people, I think Clemson is certainly Top 15 and probably Top 10 fairly easily, but it doesn't matter. What matters is execution.

I know there is some true loathing for Boise St. on this board but I think we can actually use them as an example. BSU plays a crap schedule, we all know that. So what did the opposing coaches for the AQ teams use to break down games with? If it's a crap schedule, where's the worth in spending hours on film. It's because the opponent matters very little when making a determination on how good a team is if you know what you're looking at. It's the execution and discipline exhibited, which you can see in a blowout as easily as a hard fought game...or at least you can see what you need to see to decide how dangerous a team is and how good they are at different things. When I was watching the FSU-Clemson game, it wasn't the fact we were blowing out the #3 team in the country that wowwed me. it was the intensity and focus exhibited. The players were fully dialed in, the reads were perfect, the WR run blocks were on point, the backs were seeing the hole very well, the defense was staying disciplined, diagnosing, and flying to the ball...but not before the play had been executed, not leaving their areas of assignment or biting on a fake. This FSU team is one of the best in the country, not because of who we've beat, but because of how we're executing on both sides of the ball and the skill of the players making that execution. The entire program is in sync and moving as one towards a known and established goal. There is zero confusion and there is a specific plan in place to get this team where it wants to be. That's momentum, that's dedication, that's preparation, and that's what it takes to be a champion...all year long.

As far as Miami is concerned, I have been really impressed with how they don't blink. That's an internally tough team that doesn't quit. They also seemed to dodge a bullet of another kind, NCAA sanctions. That said, it's my belief that the NCAA went easy on Miami because it's a two part punishment. Part two begins with a Winston to Benjamin TD and ends with the Miami team left in a such a smoldering ruin that their program is set back ten years. This Saturday, the beating Miami takes will instantly downgrade them from Hurricane to Spring Shower. They have good athletes and I expect them to play their best game this season. At the end of the day though, their program is 3 years behind FSU's and I think it'll show. The style of offense looks different from years past even though the same guy is calling it. It's a really, really good offense. An offensive style that can win at the very highest levels.

Here's that pic and thank you for your time



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