Worry!... Don't Worry!

Miami week...

As a long-time FSU fan, this week's game will forever be one that is directly related to stomach acid, intolerable pain, and a few moments of euphoric relief. For those of you who have been checking for flight info to Pasadena you may need to understand why us old-timers will follow every discussion of the game this week with "It's still Miami, and anything can happen."

WORRY!!.... Miami is highly ranked and undefeated!

Don't worry.... Miami is an illusion, and needed 3 straight come-backs from double-digit deficits to defeat GT, UNC and Wake Forest!

WORRY!..... That proved they're battle tested and "find ways to win!"

Don't worry.... That means their personnel isn't very good and not elite.

WORRY!..... We've lost to Miami when they've had worse personnel... we're 0-3 against the spread AT HOME against the Canes with 2 outright upsets the last three meetings! We're 2-4 at home the last 12 years.

Don't worry.... Yeah, but THIS year we're MUCH better... We're a 21 point favorite!

WORRY!..... We've lost outright as double digit favorites 5 times in the last 4 years, including 3 times at home!

Don't worry.... Jimbo learned his lesson last year against NC State, we're not going to take teams lightly!

WORRY! .... Last year we thought he had "learned his lesson" after losing at home to Virginia on Homecoming the year before! How can you be sure he's not going to gaff away another one THIS year?

Don't worry.... He's kept his foot on the gas this year....well, except last week.

WORRY!.... Right! Last week our receivers decided to drop balls. NC State outscored us 17-14 the last 3 quarters!

Don't worry.... That's just because we were up 35-0, had our back-ups in, etc.

WORRY!.... We lucked out with 2 early turnovers and 2 busted coverages. We needed a fake punt in the 2nd quarter and a double reverse in the 4th quarter to avoid being shut out the last 3 quarters of that game!

Don't worry.... SEE? Jimbo kept playing to win! Besides, we have a Heisman Candidate at QB! Winston is unflappable, unstoppable, and unBEATable!

WORRY!.... we THINK he's able to drown out the hype, that he's able to remain focused. It's only now that he's "removed all doubt" thanks to the Clemson game that you really see how he responds. He responded to the 1st quarter excellence by going 4-10 for 48 yards, and 0-3 on 3rd downs in the 2nd quarter.

Don't worry.... Yeah, but only after 35-0! Miami's QB is terrible, AND they lost his top WR to an injury.

WORRY!.... Miami lost Frank Gore to an ACL the week before coming into Doak as 7.5 point underdogs and beating us in the infamous "rain game"

Don't worry.... We don't have Terry-boy as our OC anymore! Plus, our defense is really starting to look AWESOME!

WORRY!.... Our defense... We've looked good against the spread, but still seem to have trouble against the run, which is Miami's bread and butter...we gave up a sack adjusted average of 5.2 per carry against NC State, 4.2 against Clemson, and 5.3 against BC... And we have not seen a back as good as Duke Johnson this year.

Don't worry.... Uh... they nearly lost to WAKE!

WORRY!.... Maybe, just maybe, the last 2 weeks Miami has been looking ahead, and it nearly bit them... Florida nearly lost at home to Louisiana last year before beating us RUNNING THE BALL.

Don't worry.... They should have lost to UNC!

WORRY!.... A road Thursday night game against a desperate team that just beat the bejeezus out of Boston College shouldn't be used as a measuring stick...the fact they were able to run it at over 5 yards per clip, overcome 4 int's and rack up 556 yards of offense should be respected, not dismissed.

Don't worry!.... Miami's secondary has been really suspect.... Winston and the boys will eat 'em up!

WORRY!.... If Miami's running game reduces our possessions and controls the clock, we won't have any room for error.

Don't worry... If it happens to be a close game, Aguayo is PERFECT!

WORRY!.... In wide right 1-3 history, our kickers were 7-10 during the game...except for the 3...well... you know.

WORRY!.... All this Heisman and BCS talk can sure be distracting!

WORRY!.....Gameday is distracting

WORRY!.....Nobody gives Miami a chance... Just like nobody gave Vandy a chance against UGA, Texas against OU, Auburn against TAMU, DUKE against Va Tech, West Virginia against Okie State, Utah agains Stanford, ETC ETC ETC!!!

WORRY!.....Will we get "style points"?.... How about worrying about beating Miami first.

WORRY!.... "HEY! Oregon JUMPED US! WTF?.. .Sure hope they lose to Stanford!"... How about let's hope we play our best THIS week!

Don't worry!.... Actually, I'm starting to worry.

Damn straight.... after all, it's STILL Miami.... and anything can happen.

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