ACC versus the Computers BCS week 2 clear skys in Tallahassee this Sat Edition

The ACC did not have a great week this week which cost FSU a bit in the computers. The Pitt loss being the biggest one. Duke over VT hurt a bit but Duke is in a good place to be a top 25 computer team at the end of the year now but they have no brand value for the human voters. UNC winning was also not helpful. OOC basically only OU, ND, and USC did us a solid.

FSU could move back into 2nd place in next Sundays BCS rankings but it will last only a week. Without a loss between Oregon or Bama there just is no realistic way for FSU to close the gap. We are basically chasing the wrong team to have a chance if it was Bama 2nd in the human polls we would have a chance.

This week I am doing it a little different and going almost game for game that will have an effect on FSU chances.

Cinci @ Memphis- Memphis pulling the upset has a decent positive effect For FSU and the ACC. Duke beat Memphis so it would help their SOS numbers and its an OO for Miami making them look better

USF @ Houston- USF winning would be big again for FSU as its a Miami opponent.

Rice @ N Texas- NT winning helps a very tiny bit while Rice losing hurts Bama just a tiny bit.

LA-M @ Troy- Go with Troy here. LA-M winning helps a tiny bit for FSU as an OO but it helps to many others while Troy helps Duke.

ASU @ WSU- ASU win would hurt Oregon plus it helps Pitt so helps us.

USC @ Oregon St- Oregon St losing hurts Oregon and Stanford a small bit

tOSU @ Purdue- Not going to happen but Purdue winning would be huge not so much in the computers as in FSU will get all the 3rd and better votes.

NIU @ UMass- Will not have a huge effect on the computers but NIU winning can only help FSU since we beat them in a bowl and humans are stupid and everything helps.

UW @ Iowa- UW does nothing much for the computers but if FSU is playing in the Orange Bowl it will either be against a 2 loss OU or the best available B1G team just no question about it

VT @ BC- VT needs to win

Temple @ Rutgers- Temple pulling off the upset hurts Bama a small amount

Illinois @ PSU- If you are worried about tOSU then Illinois but PSU helps a very tiny amount Cuse OO so helps FSU a very tiny amount.

Army @ AF- Army winning helps FSU a very tiny amount at the end of the season

Miss ST @ USCe- USCe winning helps the ACC while Miss St losing hurts Bama

UNC @ NCST- Both suck but NCST winning helps FSU more

WF @ Cuse- Really just about a toss up but Wake winning slightly more help for FSU because Miami played them

Southern Miss @ Marshall- Marshall winning helps VT while SM losing hurts Arkansas which hurts Alabama just a tiny bit.

Mid Tenn @ UAB- Mid Tenn helps the ACC while UAM hurts SEC again just a tiny bit

WKU @ Georgia State- WKU to win. GS loss hurts Bama

RI @ OD- I am not sure how the computers are dealing with OD this year but they played ACC so go OD.

Clemson @ UVA- Clemson must win

Michigan @ Michigan St- MSU winning can help ND which can help Pitt which helps FSU

Navy @ ND- ND winning helps if Pitt can win if not Navy winning helps Pitt.

Zona @ Cal- Cal upset hurts Oregon and UCLA

UGA @ UF- UF helps FSU the most I will go puke now

NW @ UNL- NW winning helps a very tiny amount

WVU @ TCU- WVU helps Maryland a bit so helps us

Auburn @ Arkansas- Upset here hurts Bama big

Tenn @ Mizzou- Tenn winning makes the SECCG start to look garbage if Miami can go 11-1

Pitt @ GT- Pitt winning helps FSU a bit more then GT winning

Col @ UCLA- Col winning hurts Oregon

Nevada @ Fresno St- A Upset would be huge for FSU

Miami of Florida @ FSU- FSU loss would have me crying in the fetal position

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