Win and Win BIG, FSU/Miami

Florida State fans know three things must happen for the Seminoles to make the BCS National Championship Game: the Seminoles have to be undefeated, win and win big then have Alabama and or Oregon lose.

It is highly possible that both Alabama and Oregon can lose, but the Seminoles can’t control anybody else’s destiny but their own.

Florida State will have another opportunity to win and win big when they host the Miami Hurricanes, who are currently ranked seventh in the BCS Standings.

In a prime-time match-up that will be televised on ABC, the Seminoles must take care of business. Miami hasn't looked like the seventh best team in the nation, the Hurricanes have been squeaking by as of late against North Carolina and Wake Forest. With that being said, the Seminoles must win and win big, meaning win in great fashion to rake up style points, that BCS voters love oh so much.

Say the Seminoles win, but in a close game of 28-27, that will hurt them in the BCS Standings. Experts across the board are expecting the Seminoles to win and win big, so when they watch this game Saturday night, they’ll already have an expectation on how this game so go.

Quarterback Jameis Winston needs to light up the scoreboard, linebackers Christian Jones and Telvin Smith need to be stout in the run game defense, not allowing the Hurricane’s Duke Johnson have a big game on the ground, and the secondary led by Lamarcus Joyner must remain as a "no fly zone".

In layman’s terms, total domination, no other way around it.

What can help the Seminoles?

Maryland needs to continue to win, moving up in the top-25, and the Clemson Tigers needs to continue to win, a win against the Gamecocks on the road would be of great help for not only the Seminoles, but also for the ACC. I can’t forget to mention the Hurricanes need to also win out, say the Seminoles do win.

With Oregon’s big game coming a week after the Seminoles showdown this will be the last prime-time match-up that the Seminoles will see, excluding the ACC Championship Game.
Its not about how many times you can make on the national stage, but what you do when having the national stage. Last time the nation watched the Seminoles they witnessed a ball club go into Clemson and dominate the Tigers 51-14, after Saturday night’s game the nation will need to believe they watched that same team again dominate another top-10 ranked opponent.
Head Coach Jimbo Fisher may not think his Seminoles are better than Alabama or Oregon, but his team must make the nation and other fellow coach believe otherwise.
If the Seminoles take care of the Hurricanes and win out, with some help do you think FSU can land in the BCS National Championship Game?

Justin Tyree
ESPN 730 Charlotte College Football Blogger
Twitter: @JTyree704

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