Updated Drive Charts 10/6 (Non garbage time only)

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Offensive Drive Chart, YTD

Defensive Drive Chart YTD

A continuation of last week's post with updated numbers from this week. There was a good conversation about going for it on 4th down this past week on TN, I have a strong opinion on it to say the least. But these charts are a key to when where and why it could be beneficial to go for it, among other great fun facts within the stats here.

Offense: Wow. We've scored on 80% of our possessions. TD's on 62.5% of our possessions when the game is in question. Conversely, we've punted on only 15% of our possessions and we have only 1 fumble and 1 int in non garbage time...

Honestly, we score no matter where we get the ball. we've had 2 possessions that started inside our own 10 yard line and we have TD's on both of those drives. There isn't much to pick out of there other than the complete domination the offense is currently displaying. Lastly, we are scoring 4.9 points per possession...that is fricken ill.

Defense: Clearly a major stat booster this past week. Shutouts sure are fun! Our numbers improved across the board and there is still 0 fumbles in non garbage time but it was nice to see the fumble as it was our first this year. Still intercepting balls on 15% of drives during non-garbage time, that is sweet.

As it pertains to my theories on going for it on 4th: Our D continues to show why it would be a gamble probably worth taking to go for it in certain situations any time after we cross our own 40 yard line. I especially think that inside the opposing team's 10 yard line there is no reason to EVER kick a FG, unless it puts you up 2 scores(9 points), or 3 scores(17 points). Our D hasn't given up a score on a drive of longer than 90 yards (4 drives = 2 punts, 1 Int, 1 Safety). Also, in looking further into the charts, in that situation if we go for it and fail, then stop the opponent and force a punt or TO, we are looking at great FP. On offense, we have 15 possessions beginning between our own 30 and the opponents 40. We've scored on 13 of those and they've all been TDs.

Defense is improving and offense is just blasting opponents. The success on offense should provide for a higher % of successful opportunities to go for it on 4th down. We haven't needed to much this year but we are dynamic enough that when we get into close games, we've gotta feel pretty good about the combination of our offense picking up 1st downs and our D stopping teams if we don't.

Anyway, just a quick look at this 2013 Noles team moving right along. Let me know what you think or if you have any thoughts on how this could be set up better.

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