ACC versus the Computers Week 7

One more week until the BCS rankings start to come out. Next week is a big week in the computer poll world as Wolfe gets released and Sagarin drops all his preseason weighing. Here are some short hands I am going to start using from now on Sagarin is going to be S. Wolfe going forward is going to be W. Anderson and Hester, Colley and Massey are going to collectively be known as RPI since they are versions of the RPI rankings when talking in general about them other wise just there first letter in CAPS when referring to them in charts and the like. For these posts breaking it down like this is the good enough solution if you have specific comments or questions I will address them in the comments. I got though a lot of the background and general knowledge the last couple of weeks so now I can basically have fun here. Again any questions that you still have or I did not hit just ask them in the comments. Oh and don't forget I ignore Billingsley unless prompted to rant.

Recap of last week. UVA let us down but not a crushing lost as Ball State was ahead in most of the computers. NCST winning was bad, instead of being a top 50 team they dropped in below 70 really stupid loss and the only slight upside was WF is all but assured not to be under 95-100 but rather them at 100 and NCST top 50 every day because of the way these polls work. L-M losing was not ideal but WF upset made it not matter that much at all. NW win would have been a bonus but really does not matter.

The Bad out of the way there was a lot of good too. BC, Miami, VT, Clemson and of course FSU all won. ND also did its part.

Key games are going here this week. So up first ACC in action games

Pitt @ VT This one is fun as its almost a no lose situation. VT winning is probably better for the ACC overall and might not matter much for FSU if they play VT in the CCG but for FSU Pitt winning is bigger because there is no guarantee at all VT and FSU play.

Navy @ Duke Navy is ranked higher in the polls so wont be a bad loss but Duke can and needs to win.

UVA @ Maryland Really hope Maryland does not have a let down. Maryland is still pretty far ahead in the computers so it will hurt especially FSU since we don't play UVA.

Cuse @ NCST They are very close in the computers but ----- NCST for losing to Wake. Cuse you are allowed to win and run up the score. Cuse losing might hurt Oregon a tad in the RPI but not enough for me not to want vengeance for that awful Wake loss.

BC @ Clemson BC is not awful this year but no not allowed to win here.

GT @ BYU GT needs to win. The computers cant seem to figure these two out just yet so it wont be a devastating loss but a win makes a statement for the ACC.

Key out of conference games that will have a large effect on the ACC. Not really much this week except the same old we want every team that we play OOC to win.

Mizzou @ UGA UGA needs to keep winning except at UF

uf @ LSU uf winning does a lot good for the ACC

This week kind of sucks as there is not really any WVU beating OSU is awesome type games the closet I have really is Cal pulling an upset over UCLA. Very indirect benefit for the ACC that is not worth talking about more that this would help the Pac fall closer to the herd but at the cost of tOSU getting a fairly big bump.

Mention this game even though it too has almost no direct effect for FSU and just a small amount for the top of the ACC. Oregon @ Washington. Washington winning is big as this creates more chances for the Pac champ to have at least 1 loss. Don't really want Oregon v UCLA then Oregon V Stanford being between undefeated's.

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