Crazy ACC Escape Plan

FWIW, I'm a Maryland fan, so this isn't really something for me ... but I thought it was an interesting idea, so I figured I'd share.

I'll sum it up quickly - my idea is that you convince half the league to join you and leave once Louisville joins the conference. By having half (8 of 15) go, you might be able to pull it off.

Basically, here's the idea ... The Big 12 currently has ten teams. Nine of them are in four states in the center of the country, and then there's West Virginia. This is an awkward lineup at best. But it is what they've got for now.

However, a solution could exist that that would benefit many parties, and that is to expand the Big 12. Not with just two teams, or four teams ... but EIGHT teams.

The idea is that FSU convinces these ACC schools to join it in a mass departure, and these teams join the Big 12 to form an eastern division consisting of:

Florida State
Georgia Tech
NC State
Virginia Tech
West Virginia

The other nine Big 12 teams (4 in TX, 2 in OK, 2 in KS, Iowa St) would form the western division. Each division would be semi-independent, although still have some crossover games in some sports.

For football, each team would just play 8 conference games (all teams in its own division).

For basketball, each team would play at least 12 games against division teams (at least half of the teams in its own division will be played twice, and all other division opponents at least once), and 18 conference games in total.

In baseball, each team would play a three-game series against each team in their own division. It'd have to be tweaked a bit (Iowa State has no baseball so that screw things up) but most conference games would be in-division games.

In all (or at least most) cases, the conference championship game or tournament would rotate between an eastern site and a western site.

If you get all of Miami, Georgia Tech, Clemson, NC State, Virginia Tech, Pittsburgh and Louisville to join you, that's 8 of 15 ACC teams - over 50% of the conference. Perhaps that would be enough to rewrite the rules of the ACC (which isn't to say there wouldn't be lawsuits, but with a majority of the teams involved, you could win).

As for the rest, for whatever that's worth ...

Virginia and North Carolina would then join the Big Ten (which appears to want them anyway).

The rest of the conference can add a few more members (Army & Navy for football, Cincinnati, Connecticut and Temple for all sports, VCU for non-football sports) and become a mid-level football and elite-level basketball conference.

Just as an FYI, these are the current Sagarin rankings of this would-be eastern division of the Big 12:

3 Florida State
6 Clemson
10 Louisville
17 Miami
25 Virginia Tech
35 Georgia Tech
61 Pittsburgh
62 West Virginia
78 NC State

Other than Maryland (who is leaving anyway), the other teams range from 72 to 91. FWIW, I picked NC State & Virginia Tech instead of UNC & UVA because I think they're a better fit for your group.

Yeah, it's kind of a wacky idea, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

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