Helmet Stickers - Jameis Winston

Hey, Tomahawk Nation!

I'm still fairly new to TN -- I joined a little over two weeks ago -- but I love the site so far. I've really been enjoying the Film Review, seeing other people's thoughts, and getting involved a little bit with the other boards [e.g. Testudo Times, Shakin' the Southland, etc.].

Anyways, I wanted to contribute a little bit. It's not awesome, in-depth analysis or cool, exclusive interviews, but something I've been interested in as the season has progressed. I've noticed the decorations on JW5's helmet starting to take up some space -- so I decided I'd count how many he's earning per game. I apologize if some of the pictures aren't the best. I got them all using screen caps and modified them to be a reasonable size. Most should be fairly clear, but occasionally the film crews just weren't kind enough to get a nice, HD shot of the back of JW5's helmet, so I had to work with what I had.

Without further ado:

FSU @ Pitt






Not surprisingly, JW5 had no helmet stickers on display for his debut. No one did -- it would seem FSU doesn't allow use of helmet stickers from prior years/seasons and the spring game doesn't count.

STATS: 25/27, 356 yards, 5 TDS [4 passing, 1 rushing].

Nevada @ FSU





TOTAL: 15 [15 new]

Pretty impressive -- 15 helmet stickers for his first game? Hella nice.

STATS: 15/18, 214 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT.

Bethune-Cookman @ FSU



BACK: 11


TOTAL: 19 [4 new]

JW5 only snagged 4 new ones for his role in walloping the Wolfpack.

STATS: 10/19, 148 yards, 2 TDs.

FSU @ Boston College



BACK: 13


TOTAL: 22 [3 new]

Startin' to fill up. JW5 grabbed 3 more after a pedestrian performance against Bethune-Cookman. [I don't know how to use the sarcasm font yet.]

STATS: 17/28, 330 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT.

Maryland @ FSU



BACK: 16


TOTAL: 33 [11 new]

I think CJF was fairly impressed with JW5 taking charge "in the face of adversity" and leading FSU on a 45 - 17 run against BC. JW5 now has more on either side than he did after his performance in Pittsburgh. After the Maryland shellacking, his helmet might weigh too much and might affect his scrambling abilities.

I have a theory that by the end of the season, his helmet will have so many stickers there won't be any room left and he'll just play with a black helmet and start getting gold tomahawks instead. It's only fair.

STATS: 23/32, 393 yards, 5 TDs.

That's all from me for now. I hope you guys enjoyed this brief little read. If you guys did, I'll try to make this a weekly thing.

EDIT: Thanks to shonole for some of the criteria for earning a helmet sticker:

Offensively a player may earn one tomahawk if, for instance, he rushes for 100 yards, tops 100 yards receiving or throws, catches or runs for a touchdown. A player can lose a tomahawk for bad plays such as a fumble, interception, flagrant penalty or academic violation.

Defensively, if a player intercepts a pass, etc. that’s five points. A player can lose points in a variety of ways, such as missing an assignment (one point) or drawing an ill-timed penalty (five points). Every 10 points equal one tomahawk.

Academic decals are given out as well, the only visual difference being that they say "academic" down the shaft of the Tomahawk.

FYI, the maximum a player can get is 106.

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