Halpea Touches Jimbo: Organizes Uplifting Athletes Chapter For Fanconi Anemia

For those of you who are wondering what our redshirt tight end has been up to this season; he has been organizing a chapter of Uplifting Athletes, a national non-profit organization, down in Tallahassee. Each chapter of this organization raises money for rare diseases, and when Kevin arrived at Florida State and has heard about Ethan Fisher's illness of Fanconi Anemia; he wanted to help make difference. Coach Fisher was truly touched upon this initiative to raise funds for Ethan's condition;

"It’s really great," Fisher said. "It kind of caught us off guard. Me and Candi are so appreciative. That’s an organization that’s really big in the northeast. It’s a great organization. And he brought it down here and did it for us. I really couldn’t believe it... It really is (touching). Hap is a neat guy. He really is."

Haplea became the founder of Florida State University's branch of Uplifting Athletes and has wanted to perform an event to help raise awareness over the fall football season. He is initiating a touchdown drive this weekend during the Syracuse game to help combat Fanconi Anemia. According to Haplea;

"A person can say, ‘I’ll pledge five dollars for every touchdown they score against Syracuse,’" Haplea said. "And so after the game, say we score five touchdowns, just go after the game and make a 25-dollar donation.

"And if you want to make a flat-rate donation, that’s obviously greatly appreciated and accepted as well. … You can just enter how much you want to donate and everything goes to the fight against Fanconi anemia."

To help support this noble cause and make a donation to the Touchdown Drive, please send a pledge amount to The chapter will send a reminder email back with the donation page link and instructions after the game against Syracuse. Not only should we all lead the drive on the football field this weekend against Syracuse, but in this initiative as well.

EDIT: Please see the following page for single donations:

This season, the Florida State Chapter of Uplifting Athletes is hosting a Touchdown Pledge Drive. We are asking that fans pledge $1, $2, $5, or more for every touchdown we score for our game against fellow Chapter Syracuse on November 16, 2013.

To receive a pledge update after the Syracuse game, please contact us at

You will then fulfill your pledge after the game on November 16th on this site.

We appreciate your support on the gridiron and in our efforts to raise funds for Fanconi anemia research in honor of Coach Jimbo Fisher's son.

Together...We Are...Stronger!

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