ACC Football Championship Coaches Teleconference Recap: Florida State and Duke

Sam Greenwood

Full transcript posted when available. These are paraphrased unless noted with quotation marks.

Jimbo Fisher

Fisher has a lot of respect for Duke. Says Cutcliffe has done a tremendous job, praises Duke's QB and the defense's ability to create pressure.

Fisher says Duke is much more confident in what it does, and noticeably bigger and more physical compared to previous years, thanks to the recruiting done by Cutcliffe. Fisher is happy for David Cutcliffe because he is a good guy and a great coach, according to Fisher.

Fisher really likes Jamison Crowder. Praises his quickness in and out of cuts, etc.

Fisher said he realized Duke could be the opponent in the ACC Title Game three or four weeks ago, after watching their highlights.

Fisher says that Florida State is still excited about playing for the ACC crown, that winning the conference is one of the main goals every year, and they it will be focused.

Fisher says the key to Florida State being where it is has been consistent recruiting and making smart changes within the organization that help with player development.

Fisher says he is very tough on Jameis, and all players, on the field, but off the field he lets them know he loves them and really cares about them, and it is critical that they know that.

Fisher says the investigation has not altered how FSU practices, prepares or plays in any way.

Fisher said his reaction to the Auburn game was "huh?" (He was listening to it on the radio driving home from the stadium.)

Fisher says he would kick the field goal, just like Nick Saban did (FSU might have the nation's best kicker).

Fisher says FSU will prepare for both of Duke's quarterbacks and its tendencies.

Fisher says Duke plays a lot of robber coverage from its 4-2-5 and FSU will have to be precise in its routes and run the football to get extra guys in the box.

Fisher says Christian Jones is more natural up on the ball lined up at outside linebacker, and the move has had a big impact on the defenese.

David Cutcliffe

Cutcliffe says that Duke's recruiting in recent years has allowed Duke to get more speed, and compete in the trenches.

Cutcliffe on FSU's receivers "they're not some of them good, they're all of them good. The tight end and the backs, too." Cutcliffe says Florida State has more weapons on offense than anybody in the country. No objection here. Cutcliffe says FSU's receivers aren't just fast, but they are physical and big. He's basically marveling on this teleconference. Cutcliffe called Kelvin Benjamin a monster with great skills.

Cutcliffe said that Duke sold out its allotment for the ACC Title Game Sunday. And he knows more are buying tickets from conference office.

"We can't play like we did last year (against Florida State) and think we're going to be competitive in this game," Cutcliffe says.

Duke has to reschedule some of the recruiting stuff it was planning for this weekend. And Cutcliffe is obviously happy to do so.

Duke has allowed only 25 TFLs in conference play. FSU? 51. Granted, a LOT via the second team, but Duke doesn't allow much penetration.

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