The Ultimate Soft Factor

Who knows whether he shall be a wise man or a fool? There's Vegas of course, but unlike us fans they play both sides of the aisle and almost always win. After the BCS pairings were announced, when perusing College and Magnolia, the Auburn SBN site, I was struck by how the back-and-forth between the War Plainsmen and my fellow Seminole fans sounded eerily familiar. Sure enough, after an exhaustive search of every sports related tweet, post and Facebook-entry dating back to 1806, I found that, except for certain bizarre punctuation and random references to Lady Gaga, everything said there and everything that will likely be said during the next month, has been said before.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • We want it more. (Than what?)
  • This is our time. (Actually this was NOT coined by Dabo Swinney, but he is unaware.)
  • All Gaul is divided into three parts. (Julius Caesar was a very wise man.)
  • They haven't played anybody yet. (Nobody has played anybody if they don't play in our league.)
  • You have no idea what is coming your way. (All the world loves a mystery.)
  • SEC, SEC, SEC (originally part of a Gregorian chant introduced by Pope Innocent III, 12th century, during an ice-breaker preceding the 4th Lateran Council, revived again in the mid-90s in Monteagle, Tennessee at a velvet-art fair.)
  • etc.

And the above reasons are consistently offered as proof that the good guys shall win. I'm getting suspicious. It seems to me that in a National Championship game, as long as a team with an aquatic bird as a mascot isn't involved and/or Bob Stoops and Marc Richt are nowhere around, both teams are going to show up and play football; thus each has a reasonable shot to prevail; thus #2, Auburn might actually win the thing.
But, more importantly, despite their common affiliation with fictional stock characters possessing extraordinary super powers and ESPN, they could also lose. And though that's more likely than not when hard analysis is brought to bear, it fades to insignificant in the Loveliest Village on the Plain thanks to their passion for Soft Factors. (I don't know if Bud coined this term but I heard him say it first and so thank him for the clarity it provides.)
But we at FSU can do Soft Factors too. In fact we also own the edge in that murky arena.

Watch out Tigers, January 6 is, reportedly, Jameis Winston's birthday.



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