The booster/priority point system is broke - I am pissed!!!!

I have been a devoted Seminole booster/season ticket holder since Fall 2001(the year I graduated). I am a lifetime alumni member and have built up a total of 33 priority points through various donations and playing the priority point game with FSU since 2001. I have no idea if that is considered a lot or minimal in the priority point world. While my donations are minimal monetarily, I do think there should be some reward for loyalty and continuous years as a season ticket holder/booster membership for away/bowl games. I attended the games where UF kicked the crap out of FSU during those horrible Tebow years. I remember when the UF fans were calling Doak "UF North Stadium" and held there senior day at our stadium. I sat through the losses we had to endure during the end of the Bowden years and the start of the Fisher years (remember the Wake shut out at home). I did not cancel my tickets or booster membership I stayed loyal and true to Florida State. I have lived in Florida, Houston, Arkansas, and Kansas City through the years but have remained a loyal booster & season ticket holder. Bottom line is I am not a fair weathered fan.

I have been trying to get NCG tickets through the boosters since November (I applied the first day you sent out the email), the Seminole Boosters have been sending out weekly updates on which membership level would get what number of tickets. Last week (12/6/13) I had a phone conversation with the Seminole booster’s office (with some kid named Jessee), I was trying to get an understanding of how the priority point system worked. I offered to give an additional donation to secure NCG tickets. I am only a Renegade ($300) but I was told "do not donate any more money because I would be fine on getting NCG tickets" (due to my membership level and priority points). Keep in mind I only wanted two tickets. I was told "donating additional money would be a waste". Why any booster employee would tell me not to donate additional money is besides the point, but that leads us to today.

I opened my email tonight (12/12/13) and I was told that I did not get my two tickets to the NCG because I was not a the correct donor level. Yet last week I was told I was??? I already have flights booked (non refundable) and hotels.

The way the current system works is follows: Keep in mind this is only for big bowl games/away games. Home games are another story. It does not matter if you donate $1, $100, or $300. But when the opportunity to attend a NCG like this exists I would recommend doing the following.

Wait until the week before the boosters announce about purchasing NCG tickets. It does not matter If you have one priority point or if you’re not a season ticket holder. Join the boosters and donate at the $1,200.00 level. This year at that level you would have the chance to purchase four tickets. What is crazy is all the fans like myself who have been loyal year after year or for decades get shoved to the bottom of the ticket buying list (priority points are irrelevant) if you don’t donate additional money. Here is how you could make this work financially for yourself

$1,200 – donation to boosters

$1,400 – 4 tickets @350.00 per ticket (after fees)

$2,600 – total investment

Take the two tickets you are not going to use and sell them on StubHub – right now the tickets are going anywhere from $1,000 to 1,500 per ticket. Let’s say you take home $1,250 (after the stubhub fees etc…) this is how it would look. If you are going to sell them on stub hub you would need to do it this week. The tickets will lose value as the NCG gets closer.

$2,600 Initial investment

$2,500 money made on the two tickets

You basically get to go to the game for $100 for two tickets or $50.00 a piece

If know a lot of you are probably already doing this, but I failed to think ahead in this situation because I thought the priority points trumped all of the other donor levels (Was I wrong)!!!

What I learned about the Seminole boosters

1. Priority points don’t mean anything, don’t let them fool you into thinking that they do for away games

2. Seminole boosters/ticket office could care less if you have been a loyal fan for 1 day or 100 years, the person who donates the money the day before the bowl or giving level deadline wins. Most universities won’t allow this type of donating/booster membership altering at year end (but the Seminole boosters do). I looked at Auburn they are only accepting booster donations for 2014. You have to give Auburn credit for not horroring themselves out like the Seminole boosters have.

3. Unless you are a season ticket holder there is no reason to be a booster member.

4. The boosters have made it way too easy for ticket brokers to come in and take away from the fans who want to go to the game. If you use the same equation above the ticket broker would make over $2,400 take home pay, while the loyal booster gets ZERO tickets and gets to pay the broker price.

5. Thank you again Seminole boosters for shoving my loyalty up my ass. While I will always be a Seminole fan I will not be a season ticket holder, booster member, and I will always share this story with others.

6. This discrepancy in the booster system will probably cost me $700 to $1,000 extra to attend the game (I will pay $1,500 to $2,000 for two tickets (because I will now have to buy from scalpers) That is fine because Florida State is my team and sometimes life is not fair. However for me to donate another dollar to the Boosters after this experience would be bad business on my part (Unless another situation like above occurs). I have already paid for my 2014 tickets but I will try for a refund (which I doubt I will get). Florida State is still my favorite team but the boosters lost what would have been a loyal member (customer) for probably another forty to fifty years.

7. Train your employees to not give advice to NOT donate money. Jessee has cost me a lot of money. Jessee is a representative of your company (Seminole boosters) therefor you have cost me a lot of money due to poor advice I received from your employee.

One last note: When others can’t get your NCG tickets from the Seminole boosters, go to the stubhub website look at all of the FSU tickets for sale (in the FSU section) and write the boosters a letter thanking them for having a system that caters to brokers and hurts the alumni, fans, and loyal supporters. Seminole boosters you are cheating the real fans out of an opportunity to go to the game and support Florida State in person.

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