Question about BCS Bowl Ticket Policy? email me at

First let me say, I haven't been able to respond to the message boards for the same reason its been hard to be responsive to all the people calling to see if they can get tickets to the game. Our phones were flooded two weeks ago after we beat UF, Bama lost, the investigation ended and FSU was no. 1. We received 35,000 requests from 6,400 Seminole Booster members plus many others in hopes of scoring tickets.

Meanwhile we were in an ACC Championship game and handling that as well as. Happy times.

Not making excuse, just giving reasons.

As for those who are upset with the BCS Bowl ticket policy....

In the 13 years I've worked ticket priority I can name on one hand the times we've had to set limits this tight and it is a painful process for us all. We are almost always able to get tickets to members beneath the Tomahawk level. This is a National Championship game and even though it is a continent away from most of our fan base, demand blew up.

I saw a post that said that most Seminole Booster members are upset about the ticket priority policy because they didn’t get tickets. Let me quantify that statement.

  1. 1. We have 15,500 Booster members and only 6400 of them requested tickets.Of those 6400 we will deliver two or more tickets to 4500 members which is about 70 percent.
  2. 2. If you looked at it from the Renegade and above level (though we weren't able to satisfy Renegades this year) we are right at 80 percent with 2 or more tickets.
  3. 3. If you look at it from the Warrior and above level, we put two or more tickets in the hands of 90 percent of members with 2 or more.(though only Warriors with 37 or more points received tickets)
  4. 4 And if you look at it from the ticket priority policy guarantee standpoint, which states that only Tomahawks and above are guaranteed two tickets, we satisfied 100 percent of members with at least two tickets.

We have 1900 members -- $60 to $600 -- who are disappointed or unhappy because they didn't get any tickets.We also have members at every level who requested more than they could get so some of them are not completely happy either. We wish we could have satisfied more and we will continue to chip away at it right up to kickoff

I've seen people on this message board who said they felt mislead into thinking a Renegade or Tomahawk would get tickets either by an email or by a Booster or ticket staff member. I wrote those emails so that saddens me because in. every email we sent, we tried very hard to make it abundantly clear that only Tomahawk level and above members are guaranteed 2 or more tickets

We knew there was a 100 percent chance that a Warrior or Renegade wouldn't get any tickets if they didn't request them and up until that perfect storm hit with Bama losing FSU ascending to No. 1 and the investigation ending we could project Warriors and Renegades being served too. But the phones lit up like never before. California didn't seem as far away or as expensive; members who had told us flat no the week before were saying. Damn the economy, i'm going to put it on my credit card.

In the span of a few days we were inundated with requests for 35,000 tickets. As soon as we saw demand shoot up we shut down accepting requests from new members or from upgrades which upset some people too, adjusted the best guess estimates on the website and in our emails. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Let me note that we've always accepted new memberships and upgrades so this was not a deviation from process. Once demand jumped we lowered our "best-guess" estimates and told our representatives to let people know they'd have to be Tomahawks.

Why did we give "best-guess" estimates? Because, based on the demand 17 days out, it was looking like we would be able to handle Renegades and Warriors and didn't want to hard sell our members on becoming Tomahawks. We wanted it to be their choice to make that commitment, not us telling them they HAD TO do it to get tickets when all the numbers were telling us otherwise before the storm.

If people were confused by those "best guess estimates" -- which apparently some were -- then in the future we are better off just saying the only guarantee is for Tomahawks or take it a step further, as some schools do, and say you have to be a Tomahawk or above to request tickets then there is absolutely no confusion.

Shoot me an email if you have a specific concern or comment

Jerry Kutz

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