FSU's "best-guess" estimates for BCS Bowl Championship

Here is our "best-guess" estimate, as of Monday, Dec. 2, as to what we think the bowl allocation may be if our projection of demand is accurate. As we've said all along Tomahawk members ($1200) are guaranteed two tickets no matter what the demand will be on Dec. 10 but based on our best-guess projections we believe we may be able to handle requests from Warriors ($600) and Renegade ($300) members as well.

You may receive the following e-mail later today from us providing our projections as of Dec. 2. We will update these projections on Thursday, Dec. 5 and again on Monday, Dec. 9. Hope this helps you with your planning and appreciate our efforts to be as transparent as possible as we go through the process.

BCS National Championship Ticket Request
Deadline December 10th, 5:00pm
Call 888-378-6653, Mon-Fri, 8:30am-5:30pm

Seminoles who want BCS National Championship game tickets will need to place their request by December 10, 2013 at which time limits will be set based upon demand. We know demand will exceed our allocation of 20,000 but we will not know what the exact allocation by Booster membership level will be until the Dec. 10 deadline. In an effort to give you a realistic estimate of what those allocations might be, we are monitoring requests daily. Our current "best-guess" projection is that we will fill Booster member requests at these levels:

Membership Level Request

Legacy & Platinum Chief ($12,000) 12

Golden Chief ($6000) 10

Silver Chief ($3000) 8

Tomahawk ($1200) 6

Warrior ($600) 4

Renegade ($300) 2

These are "best-guess" estimates based upon requests in the system as of December 2, 2013 and could change if we receive a higher than projected number of requests after the National Championship match up is announced this Sunday, Dec. 8. We will update this projection on Thursday, December 5th and again on Monday, Dec. 9 online on our Bowl Game Ticket FAQ page.

Ticket location will be based on priority Booster level.

Attention: Seminole Booster Members
If you have not yet processed your online request form, log in to to request the number of tickets you want. Your credit card will not be charged until after December 10. If you have already processed your online application but would like to request additional tickets, call 888-378-6653 to speak to a representative.

If you want to join or upgrade your membership and request tickets: Call the FSU Athletics Ticket Office at 888-378-6653 or email as soon as possible, and no later than Dec. 10, and a representative will assist you.

For more information on Bowl Tickets, visit

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