Coaching hiring/firing season has begun

Even though FSU is looking ahead to Duke this week, the hiring season is upon us. A year after losing six (or seven counting Napier), where does FSU stand in retaining coaches from a staff that will get a long look given this year's success?

Jimbo's pretty close to guaranteed not to leave. A fan of process, his process, he's not going to leave to many schools, FSU can hold off most schools when it comes to money, and the field narrows when you consider personality matches with school and athletic directors.

Starting on offense, a year after calls of "Fire Trickett", there's little call for it now. Aiding FSU in keeping Trickett is both his long time relationship with Jimbo and his age - he's nearing retirement. Being unlikely to see a new recruiting class to graduation, he's not likely to leave for another school, and doesn't seem to have the personality for the NFL. Retirement? probably not yet -- and I think he probably considers this year's starting line special and will see it through graduation/eligiblity expiration after 2014

The other holdover from more than a year ago is Lawrence Dawsey. FSU's WR corps has been referred to by some as this year's best, and will break their way into the NFL, ending an embarrassing streak of not having WRs go on to play Sundays. Rumor was a year ago he was the first choice for the Bears' WR coach. With a possible overhaul of the Bucs staff, could Dawsey return to his old NFL home? I put the chance that Dawsey is coaching at FSU in 2014 at over 50% but not much more than that

Tim Brewster (TE/RC) - don't see a college team that can take him away this year, nor the NFL. Mark him back for 2014

Randy Sanders (QB) - his career has been characterized by long stays. Short of personality issues behind the scenes, he's back.

Jay Graham (RB) - FSU managed to pull him from his alma mater, and he's with an old coach in Sanders. Bet on him back

Moving on to defense:

Starting with the most tenured/senior coach, Odell Haggins would seem to be an FSU lifer, given his 20+ years on the staff. But all but the last four were under Mickey Andrews, and he seemed to get along being the only holdover to the Stoops era - and he certainly became more energized. With another set of 100% turnover of his defensive peers, how's he getting along this time? His record of recruiting and producing NFL talent gives him options to pursue, and I'd imagine he's been approached before without us hearing about it. I'd think the odds are slim he leaves, but they aren't none. I think it more likely an NFL gig than a college

Sal Sunseri - his salary is still being subsidized by Tennessee next year, so $$ are not likely to be an issue, and he seems to have a tight relationship with Pruitt. If he departs, it may be to the Denver Broncos, where his old Panthers head coach John Fox and old coordinator/boss Jack Del Rio are. But I think the likely off-season game of musical chairs will see him in Tallahassee in 2014

Charles Kelly - with the talent at LB, would you leave? Defensive coordinator at a AQ conference school is the likeliest possibility, which with a national title might be an opportunity that comes. Betting money would be on him being back, though

Finally, Jeremy Pruitt. I think there is only one place that might pull him away after this season - his alma mater Alabama. If Kirby Smart does finally take a head coaching job this off-season, Pruitt might be Saban's first choice. Would he, given his relationship with Fisher? Of course, that relationship didn't stop him from taking Billy Napier last year.

I'd put the over/under at 1.5. Most likely are Dawsey, Haggins, Kelly and Pruitt, but all are more likely to be back next year than not.

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