Curse Bud Elliott

I have been a diehard FSU fan since the day I stepped onto campus back when Ronnie was president. I lived and died with the success of our football team every fall. After the season was over, I'd put my flag away, tone down my rhetoric and go back being a normal fan anticipating the next season that was nine months away. It was okay though. After the bowl game ended I had other things to occupy my time. FSU basketball, NASCAR and the occasional FSU baseball game when the boys came to my town. Football was locked away until the proper time. I didn't think much of it or talk much about it. It was just too far away. Then, usually around July, I would start start to get that burn. Football season was just around the corner. I'd read up on the coming season, buy my tickets. and start the cautiously optimistic trash talking.

As a common fan, you must understand. I didn't pay attention to signing day other than to see how we ranked against other teams. As a follower of the great Bowden, there were never coaching changes enough to speak of in those days. Yeah, coach Amato left and coach Richt destroyed our back-to-back national title hopes, but other than that, it was quiet. And frankly it didn't didn't really matter to me. I just wanted us to have a good season and beat the swamp lizards.

During football season I would try some pay sites built around FSU sports. I didn't like spending the money and I didn't find them all that informative. So built my own FSU sports site to discuss FSU football. It had a fair following and I threw all my trash talking into it during the season. That was until FSU sent me a letter asking me to remove all copyrighted images like the Seminole head and photos of Bowden. I changed it up, but alas, when football season ended that year I lost interest and I pulled the plug.

A couple years later, when I got my smart phone, I discovered the Tomahawk nation podcast. We were in the middle of football season and as usual during that time, I breathed and lived with the gridiron boys success and failures. I waited with anticipation for each new broadcast. When they didn't come fast enough (after all, it was football season), I went on an online search for this broadcast called Tomahawk nation. I found it and a lot more. A free site that had more football talk than I had ever scene. I started to check it regularly to see what was going on with FSU.

The occasional visit to the site soon became a daily check. As I learned more and listened to more of podcasts, I started visiting the site more often. I learned about recruits and even got into watching potential signee's high school film. I got sucked into the boards and even posted a few comments. That was my mistake I think.

As football season wound down, I found myself continuing to return here to read more about the recruiting. When most our coaches left I found myself checking even more often to see what Bud thought about replacements. Through the podcasts, I found he knew a heck of lot more than me and seemed to know what the hell he was talking about. So now I needed to too. On signing day, I found the signing day page and watched comments of everyone through out the day. My real job suffered that day.

Now that signing day is over I have learned something. Bud has changed me from the wonderfully ignorant bliss of compartmentalism of football season to needing to know everything now down the last second and in minute detail. I can't wait for spring practice and all the updates. It is painful. It has only been 4 days since signing day, but I am still checking Tomahawk Nation 4-5 times a day. Last night, right before I went to sleep I even had a shock of a thought that I hadn't checked the site since lunch. I could have missed something. I considering even getting out of bed.

So curse you Bud Elliott and other posters on this site. I now am suffering from withdrawal like a dang heroin addict. I don't know how I am going to make it to March. I know I am suffering because when I check the site and don't see a posts and hundreds of comments, I get ticked off. What is wrong with Bud and you other people? Don't you care about football? Can't you go find out what the new recruits are eating for dinner? Is it healthy? Is coach Tricket going to finally get our OL in shape? Did Jimbo's "five year plan" actually start when the words came out of his mouth (thus throwing Bud's timing all out of whack)? How is the building going for the indoor stadium? Why did we recruit a 2-start QB? Why is Jimbo trying to make us a pro-set offensive when we've been the spread for ever and day? I have questions I never cared about before that need answering and its all your fault Bud!

I hope you are happy.

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