Florida State football recruiting 2014 needs


This list will continue to grow in the next 50 weeks.

It's time to take a look at FSU's recruiting needs for the class of 2014. These are minimum needs. The rest is up to the discretion of the coaches. Things like quality of talent in a given year as compared to the following year (article coming soon on this) are considered by the coaches and are often the explanation for taking more than the needed minimum.

Please remember that this is a very early estimation. It will become more accurate as the time passes.

"Attrition" consists of, but is not limited to: early departures for the NFL, failing out of school, transferring to another school for more playing time, career-ending injuries, disciplinary departures and players electing to end their eligibility to pursue a career in something other than sports. There will be a lot of it this year, as Florida State was expected to purge a good number of players following the 2012 season, but its recruiting efforts were hampered by the loss of six coaches.

Click to see FSU's current recruiting class & videos of each player

Quarterback: 1

FSU is set to return five quarterbacks in 2014. However, prudent roster management is to expect a transfer or two here, depending on who wins the job. FSU will look to bring in a quarterback or two.

2014 Returners -- Clint Trickett (RS-SR), Jacob Coker (RS-JR), Jameis Winston (RS-SO), Sean Maguire (RS-SO), John Franklin (second year).

*Note: this analysis includes John Franklin III at QB until FSU moves him to receiver or safety, as is expected.

Current Commitments: 0

Skill (RB/WR/TE): 7

The Seminoles will return 14 skill players in 2013 after graduation, and attrition of one is a reasonable expectation. 20 is the minimum here, so FSU needs to bring in seven players at the position. Of the seven, FSU needs at least two running backs and two tight ends.

2014 Returners -- Running Back: Devonta Freeman (SR), James Wilder, Jr. (SR), Mario Pender (RS-SO) and Ryan Green (2nd year). Receiver: Christian Green (RS-SR), Rashad Greene (SR), Kelvin Benjamin (RS-JR), Marvin Bracy (RS-SO), Isaiah Jones (2nd year), Jesus Wilson (2nd year) and Levonte Whitfield (2nd year). Tight End: Nick O'Leary (SR), Christo Kourtzidis (JR) and Jeremy Kerr (2nd year)

*Note: this analysis includes Kerr at tight end until FSU moves him to offensive line.

Current Commitments: 2 (1 RB / 1 WR / 0 TE)

Offensive Line: 7

15 is the minimum here. FSU will return 12 at the position in 2014. Attrition of three is prudent to expect, given the physical nature of the position. Also, the position will be heavy with upperclassmen, so an additional player should be brought in to help bridge the 2014 season. FSU needs to bring in at least seven offensive linemen. Of those, six should be high school players (not JUCOs). FSU should put a strong emphasis on having several of these players enroll in January.

2014 Returners -- Dan Foose (RS-SR), Bobby Hart (SR), Josue Matias (SR), Tre Jackson (SR), Austin Barron (SR), Sterling Lovelady (SR), Cam Erving (SR), Ruben Carter (RS-JR), Trey Pettis (RS-JR), Wilson Bell (2nd year), Ira Denson (2nd year), Ryan Hoefeld (2nd year).

*Note: If Jeremy Kerr is indeed moved to offensive line, as most expect, this number will decline.

Current Commitments: 0

Defensive Line: 5

FSU likes to carry 16 defensive linemen. The Seminoles will technically return 12 in 2014, and attrition of one is a reasonable expectation. That means the Seminoles need to bring in five defensive linemen in 2014, and at least two should be defensive tackles.

2014 Returners -- Tim Jernigan (SR), Desmond Hollin (SR), Nile Lawrence (RS-JR), Giorgio Newberry (RS-JR), Derrick Mitchell (RS-JR), Mario Edwards, Jr. (JR), Eddie Goldman (JR), Chris Casher (RS-SO), Justin Shanks (RS-SO), Demarcus Walker (SO), Keith Bryant (2nd year), Davarez Bryant (2nd year).

Current Commitments: 1 (0 DE/1 DT)

Linebacker: 1

FSU will return nine linebackers in 2014, and attrition of one is reasonable. Nine seems like the minimum, so FSU should take at least one linebacker.

2014 Returners -- Nigel Terrell (RS-SR), Terrance Smith (RS-JR), Markuss Eligwe (RS-SO), Reggie Northrup (JR), Matthew Thomas (2nd year), Tyrell Lyons (2nd year), E.J. Levenberry (2nd year), Freddie Stevenson (2nd year) and Ro'Derrick Hoskins (2nd year).

Current Commitments: 1

Delvin Purifoy committed to the Florida State Seminoles in early January. Out of Pensacola (Fla.) Catholic High School, Purifoy is one of the top linebacker recruits in the country. He has excellent size at 6'3 and 215 pounds, and as with most linebacker recruits, he has tremendous athleticism relative to that size. Purifoy makes a lot of plays in the hole and is rated a four-star recruit by a consensus of the four major recruiting services.

Defensive Back: 5

FSU will return 11 defensive backs for 2014, and attrition of two is reasonable. The minimum a team typically wants to carry is 14, meaning FSU should bring in at least five defensive backs.

2014 Returners -- Nick Waisome (SR), Tyler Hunter (SR), Karlos Williams (SR), Lamarcus Brutus (RS-JR), Keelin Smith (RS-JR), P.J. Williams (JR), Ronald Darby (JR), Colin Blake (RS-SO), Jalen Ramsey (2nd year), Marquez White (2nd year), Nate Andrews (2nd year).

Current Commitments: 0

Specialist: 0

FSU returns both its punter and kicker in 2014, neither of whom will be seniors. There is no expected attrition and no need.

2014 Returners -- Cason Beatty (JR) and Roberto Aguayo (RS-SO).

Current Commitments: 0

Surplus/Discretion of the coaches: 6

Because FSU only enrolled 19 players for the 2013 class (Walker, Stevenson and Klepal counted in the 2012 class via enrolling in January), the Seminoles can take six additional players in the 2014 class, provided they can get six enrolled early and counted back to 2013. That would mean a total of 31. Note that 31 should not be expected, but it is the upper limit.

Current Commitments (I don't know at what position the new coaching staff will play these recruits): 2

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