Miami 74, FSU 68

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed the game, you missed an excellent effort as well as Reggie Johnson consussing everyone's favorite player with his ass

You know the drill. Matt Minnick - Tomahawk Nation's stretch-4 - is busy sitting through the post game to get an insider's perspective on the game, while I'm throwing back Jameson and gingers and providing a quick analysis of what went down.

  • Kudos to the team for showing some heart. If you've followed TN for the past three seasons, you know I don't put a lot of faith in "heart," but tonight was one of those rare occasions when it mattered. With the season devolving into NIT land, the players could very easily start getting selfish and worrying about their minutes, or worrying about who is watching - but instead they played with focus, they played unselfishly, and they played with passion.
  • Now if they could just figure out where they're supposed to be. Hello 69% Miami shooting on 2s.
  • FSU went with a new starting lineup, and when Ham goes new he doesn't mess around. Ojo (yes, that Ojo) started over Turpin. Thomas (who we called to start last game, but he ended up tweaking his ankle) started over Whisnant. And Bookert started over Brandon (more on that in a moment). It was obvious that Ojo's start was somewhat of a ploy though, as after the tip he looked over his shoulder at the bench about every 4 seconds to see if Ham was taking him out yet. He did got pulled quickly, but he also played a great game. He even made an actual basketball move by catching a post pass, pivoting, and dunking with authority over some smaller player in green.
  • FSU's shooting slump from 3 continues. Tonight it was 27% from deep, and if anyone wants to cite the Miami defense as the reason I've got the video cued up. Be my guest.
  • Apparently there's some idiotic radio announcer from Jacksonville (Rick Ballew or something like that - someone help me out) who keeps saying really dumb things about FSU. Put him in the "Len Elmore" category. For you new guys, that means believe the opposite of whatever he says.
  • Montay Brandon never played. If it's an injury, then Minnick will get a straight answer in the post game. But based on his Twitter activity in the past few days, I'm guessing it's more than that. But he's a good kid. He's going to be a solid player for FSU in the future, so don't come down on his without reason.
  • Okaro White and Kiel Turpin kept FSU in this game on the offensive glass. There are 7 regular season games left - meaning, there are 7 games left for them to prove that they can put forth that kind of effort every night.

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