Video: meet Florida State defensive ends coach Sal Sunseri

Sunseri also appears on the Sopranos (not really).

Sal Sunseri met with the media Wednesday. Here's some excerpts, and the video appears above.

On being at Florida State:

"I’m extremely excited to be here at Florida State. I had the opportunity to be down here during the bowl practice and these young kids work hard. Jimbo does a great job with them. They’re finding out what it takes to win, and they did win last year and they have high expectations. We just have to teach them to get to those high expectations."

On the first day of spring ball:

"It was like anything else. I’m different than most, I’m going to demand and they’re going to be relentless competitive people. I’m going to push them to the ultimate. They’re not going to have a chance to relax because this game is very physical and you’re playing a four-three and two defensive ends, you have to be dominating, you have to rush the passer and stop the run. When fatigue sets in, most of us turn into cowards, so what I try to do is work them as fast as I can and as hard as I can to get them to play with the best technique because that’s what’s going to happen in the game. Technique ultimately wins on the field. If you have technique and you have smarts, you’re going to be a good football player."

On all of his stops along the way at the college level:

"It’s been great. Like anything else, you get different ideas being in all of the different conferences and you see what it takes to play. You can judge talent and know where you’re at with it and evaluate it with kids and recruiting, you can tell what level of football they can be at. The things that’s funny is when you’re at Florida State you’re recruiting the cream of the crop. That’s what I really believe because this place has had great tradition, they’ve won national championships and we’re hoping someday to get back to that."

On the kids working with the new coaches:

"I think they’re in a little bit of shell shock right now. They’re probably in there saying ‘boy the man is crazy.’ But I want them to think that because the thing is that every time I go out on the field, it’s like if I was coaching my own son. I am going to demand him to do it right. First of all, for protection. Because if he doesn’t do it right and he gets lazy, to me that’s the most important thing. And if they play with the technique and they do what they’re supposed to do, someday they’re going to have the opportunity to fulfill a dream that they’ve been waiting to do for a long time. I’m excited about it. I think they had a good practice out there today. I think they got an idea of what I am going to ask for, so tomorrow will be another day. Hopefully, we get better and they’ve got to learn. They’ve got to understand not just assignments, they’ve got to understand concepts of what’s going on out there."
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