Just How Does FSU's OL Recruiting Stack Up?

Given the rampant discussion about FSU's OL recruiting, I thought it might be helpful if there was some context for the discussion. So below are three tables, one each for FSU, UF, and Clemson. The tables show each school's offensive line recruiting between the 2010 and 2013 recruiting classes, along with their composite rating as assigned by the 247 recruiting site. The composite rating purports to combine multiple sites' ratings, so this was a convenient measure.

For context, here is how 247 describes its ranking levels:

100 - 98 = Five-star prospect. One of the top 25 or so prospects in the nation. Player has excellent pro potential, and should emerge as one of the best players in the country before his college career ends

97 - 90 = Four-star prospect. Prospect will be an impact-player for his college team. All-America candidate who displays pro potential. Typically one of the top 300 players in the nation.

89 - 80 = Three-star prospect. These are the players who will develop into reliable starters for the college teams. They are among the best players in their region of the country, and are generally among the top 750 players in the nation.

After totaling up and averaging the aggregate scores, I then broke the groups down into top 5, next 5, and "the rest." This ought to help alleviate some issues resulting from different numbers being taken by each school, plus it allows us to see how things are breaking by sector so that a few high or low recruits won't skew things too badly. I have plenty to say about all of this, but I'm just going to post the lists for now and then see if a discussion develops in the comments. The recent discussion has primarily been about recruiting, so there's no accounting for attrition after they sign. Let me know if you spot any errors. (Note: Cameron Erving's exclusion was intentional since he played DT for two years before converting.)

Player 247 Composite Score
Bobby Hart 0.9715
Ira Denson 0.9458
Jordan Prestwood 0.9391
Jacob Fahrenkrug 0.9141
Josue Matias 0.8979
Menelik Watson 0.8904
Daniel Glauser 0.8759
Ryan Hoefeld 0.8585
Trey Pettis 0.851
Ruben Carter 0.8503
Sterling Lovelady 0.85
Dan Foose 0.8484
Wilson Bell 0.8415
Tre Jackson 0.816
Austin Barron 0.7444
Overall Average: 0.872986667
Average for Top 5 OL Recruits: 0.93368
Average for Next 5 OL Recruits: 0.86522
Average for the Rest: 0.82006

Player 247 Composite Score
DJ Humphries 0.9979
Chaz Green 0.9771
Jessamen Dunker 0.972
Ian Silberman 0.9685
Quinteze Williams 0.8892
Trenton Brown 0.8876
Trip Thurman 0.8876
Roderick Johnson 0.8753
Cameron Dillard 0.8712
Tommy Jordan 0.8618
Octavius Jackson 0.847
Trevon Young 0.8225
Overall Average: 0.904808333
Average for Top 5 OL Recruits: 0.96094
Average for Next 5 OL Recruits: 0.8767
Average for the Rest: 0.83475


Player 247 Composite Score
Tyrone Crowder 0.9443
Spencer Region 0.8828
Jay Guillermo 0.8784
David Beasley 0.8747
Patrick DeStefano 0.8652
Isaiah Battle 0.865
Shaq Anthony 0.8625
Maverick Morris 0.8544
Kalon Davis 0.8535
Ryan Norton 0.8535
Oliver Jones 0.8485
Josh Brown 0.8382
Gifford Timothy 0.7833
Overall Average: 0.861869231
Average for Top 5 OL Recruits: 0.88908
Average for Next 5 OL Recruits: 0.85778
Average for the Rest: 0.823333333
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