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Back in April when the news of the grant of rights came out, I was skeptical, but reserved comment, as I did not know enough about the deal. More details are beginning to come out.

This from Andrew Carter caught my eye.

Inside the deal: How John Swofford helped save the ACC | College | NewsObserver.com

"I wanted to be assured of what was going to happen, and why we would do (a grant of rights)," Haggard said. "And what would happen if we didn’t do it and what the repercussions were and all of that. And (Swofford) really spelled it out. And he answered all of my questions.

"I went in cautious. And came out impressed. And really thinking highly of John Swofford."

During the meeting, Swofford and Jordan told Haggard what the grant of rights could do for the league. There was talk about an ACC channel down the line and the revenue that could generate.

"The connection with the ACC and ESPN (won me over)," Haggard said. "The idea of a possible television (channel) with the ACC, that it would be $5 million more a year, if we could do that. And probably more than that."


"I can’t emphasize more how excited I am about (the ACC). Because it’s been a mixed five years here. You had a lot of alumni and boosters and lot of big-time people very unhappy with the ACC. And I was there, too, with them. And I am 100 percent turned around. I’m excited about it. I believe in it."

That is a major about face fro Haggard. After reading this, and talking with others, I too like the move of FSU staying in the ACC.

There is value in certainty. FSU was not getting an invite from the SEC or the B1G. It tried. The Big XII was not necessarily a better option, particularly in the long term.

I have been told by people I trust that the ACC very well could look at shaking up the divisions, or potentially looking at the breakdown of bowl revenue and playoff revenue. Obviously, these are both things that FSU would like to see.

Matthew Thomas

Nothing new. He is still signed to Florida State, and FSU has no plans to release him. A sit down should happen at some point.

Terry Whisnant

Guard Terry Whisnant may be leaving FSU. He visited East Carolina recently, and even tweeted about it. This is on the heels of Terrance Shannon leaving for VCU.

USA Today

I'll have something on the USA Today numbers. Needless to say, they are misleading.


-No new podcast this week.

-We'll be bringing on three writers soon, and updating the 2014 recruiting board.

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